One Time Offer....Just a quick post - more to follow!

In the process of manufacturing here at Unity there are times we will ALL OF A SUDDEN have extra of a few different stamps.

Adding to that situation is the fact that we have changed things up a bit around here.

Therefore I had 30 extra of EACH of these stamps.

This made me think....I get emails daily saying that people are going to attempt scrapbooking and wish they knew where to start.

So HERE is your chance. A starter kit. One of those kits that have 5 stamps that you will reach for time after time. It is a LIMITED OFFER, I only have 30 of these kits.

The DISTRESSED DOTS background in this kit is actually on UN-Mounted Foam. It is being sold that way in ONLY these 30 kits. {I won't go into explanation how that happened!}

Selling while supplies last!


CLICK HERE to purchase!