Monday, Monday....I love Monday.

This is Luke.
my boy.
It was his birthday yesterday.
I just have to do the mom thing and put the love I have for this boy out there to everyone.
I told him how very delightful it has been to be his mother for the last 14 years.
Delightful indeed.
He is easy going. Sweet as can be. He has the most random sense of humor, and I am lucky enough to get it.
Weighing in at nearly 10 lbs - 23 inches he was resilient in coming into this world - but ever since he has been PURE JOY.
For real. I don't think that I have raised my voice to this child one time. Never a need.
I am so blessed.
Each and Every single day his presence adds mountains of happiness in my heart.

Joselyn! Could this be any more adorable!?
This little photo made its way to my inbox last night.
Right around the time that Mr. Diamond was not singing Sweet Caroline to its full potential.
Did you see that?
Lisa Hetrick is the artist of this brilliant little hot air balloon - Joselyn you have done her very proud - love the colors, love everything! Look at the scalloped edge on the card. So CA -UTE!

This layout made me think about the last 10 years in my life.
How fun. This is what Scrapbooking is all about. A journal of life.
A tangible presence of what your life has been, is and will be.
I love this layout.
Simple, Sweet, Clean, and a tangible part of the past and present.
To be cherished in years to come.
Look at those kiddos, so fun.
GO VISIT Joselyn!
leave some love!
So let's gear up for a Fun Filled week!
We continue to fill orders here at Unity!
Hang in there, everyone - Unity goodness is leaving the building every single day!

Growing in Unity ALL WEEK LONG!
Visit her blog!
My's all good!
Looking forward to spending the week together!
Every single day this week, Lee will have Unity on her blog!
Be sure to check her out and leave her some love!

Off to Unity I go.

I hope that today you take a moment to "feel" life.
It seems there are times that I move and move and think and think....but the feeling is not there.
I think that is why we are all such huge fans of creating.
Creating makes you FEEL life. It brings you to the moment.
Creating and being in the "feeling" moment of Life go hand in hand.
The emotion is in your work.
Get crafty today.
Feel the Love!

...and the song.
listen to the words.
love the lyrics.
Nickleback - in place of Neil - I know - it is intense.
but listen.