Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hip Hop on Nic's BIRTHDAY? Oh - How I love this guy.

I am actually ahead of schedule.
Writing this post at 10:19 pm on Wednesday Evening.
The house is silent.
I could be dramatic - however I will maintain my composure.
17 years ago.
This boy was born.
At 19 I was scared, yet determined.
I think we did good together this boy and i. He turned out Splendid!
That is all I can say.
One Wow - for the question "How DID I do it"
One Wow - for the people in my life that LOVED US and Helped Us-
{including Mr. "Knight in Shining Armour" Christian}
One WOW - for the unbelievable person this boy is and continues to become.
I think I could possibly add yet ONE MORE WOW - for the very old saying "How time flies..." - indeed it does!
17 years later - Amazing. SO much happiness in the past 17 years.
Happy Birthday, Nic.
Proud and Honored to be your Mother!
Yep! That is TWO birthdays in ONE WEEK!
How fun!
It is so easy now that the BIRTHDAY PARTIES have subsided!
Tonight it is Stuffed Chicken, Cake and........Good.
Of course a few gifts, some laughs, good times!
So much easier these days!
Challenges a'la Jeanne
Challenge number ONE!
Unity Takes Flight
Make a card or project using Unity images that has something that flies in it. Examples: time, birds, butterflies
Challenge number TWO!
I Love Unity

Make a card or project using Unity stamps in a love theme
Jeanne will pick TWO winners and announce them on the SPLITCOAST Hip Hop Thread this evening. THE WINNING Cards will be showcased on my BLOG for Hip Hop Hangover Friday!
Did someone say Hip Hop Blog Hop?
That's right!
Time to do some Hip Hopping to all my amazing Design Team Members BLOGS!

I counted them and it is officially over 100 new images

Releasing today.

Enjoy some NEW RELEASE inspiration - as you Hop from blog to blog to blog....

Where Do you START?

Well...Please start with my Dear Sweet AMBER!

Click HERE to start your Blog Hop!


Come back at 11:00 am Central Time for the FABULOUS Specials!
We have some little treats in store.
You know how I LUV TREATS!


Jacqueline said...

Happy Birthday to both of your boys this week Angela!! Excited for all the new releases, Thanks!

Patter Cross said...

A huge birthday too Nic! Enjoy this "party week." Happy, Happy Birthday!

Jacque B said...

Happy Birthday to Nic! And, yes, "you done good!"

StampinCathy said...

Happy Birthday to Nic!! Wow it looks just like you. He looks like a chick magnet!
Lookin forward to checkin out all the wonderful UNITY stamps.

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Nic


Shemaine said...

Happy Birthday to your boys Angela, such handsome guys you have there! Thanks for sharing yourself with us everyday and inspiring us with your quotes and passion!

jpmayo said...

awww how sweet!!
Happy birthday Nic!!
(and even though I hate it when people tell Rachel and I this, I haev to say it...y'all look like brother and sister, now mom and son!!)

Maren said...

Happy BIRTHDAY Nic!! And some late wishes to Luke! What a festive house this week for you...I hope you are able to soak it all in and enjoy these moments! :-)

KellyB said...

Wow, my bday's today too! Happy bday to Nic! My oldest, Logan (he'll be 12 in May) was born when I was 21 so I feel like we've grown up together. He makes me proud everyday and is the reason why I am now a proud Mom of 3 because after him I couldn't imagine not being "Mom". :)

Olde Country Creations said...

Happy Birthday to Nic!! What a handsome young man he is! Angela all of your boys are so do good work. *giggle* My oldest is almost 15 and I tell ya it seems like yesterday that I was changing her diapers and playing peek-a-boo. Time sure DOES fly!

Off to blog hop.....have a splendid day!


JenMarie said...

What a beautiful pic you mom and son! He looks like you!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Nic!! I can't believe you have a 17-year-old, Angela! I hope I look that good when my oldest is 17! :)

Lisa H. said...

wow! I couldn't believe it when I read your title today. What a fun coincidence, two of our boys share the same birthday! My Ryan's 5th birthday is today (and remember my youngest, Nicholas, was the 8th!). beautiful picture of the two of you! Happy Birthday Nic!

JazzyH said...

Happy Birthday Nic!

Anonymous said...

hi, from hottie Happy Birthday Nic! angela have fun shopping!!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Nic! WHat a fabulous picture of the two of you Angela!!

I'm off to hip hop now!! :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awwww..........Happy Birthday to your sweet Nic!!!!

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