Endings & Beginnings


February Kit of the Month
Tami Mayberry, Kristine Bents, Lisa Hetrick, Tanis Giesbrecht, Cassie Medema, Lindsay Spencer, Adrianna Bennet

{endings & beginnings}

This adorable new kit is appropriate set for Spring, Easter, and just life all around.
It is diverse. A little something for everyone.
Amazing how it came together.
It is a special kit to me.
I added the stamp that says:
"Endings & Beginnings - Cherish Every Moment"
Can you relate?
How many times has it happened?
Something in your life ends.
Things change.
You feel a sense of loss.
...and as days go by, moments unfold, slowly a new sense of normal begins - day by day you realize an ending produced a new beginning to something so much more brilliant and amazing...
On the same note:
I watched Kung Fu Panda last night with Sawyer - and each and every single time that the wise old turtle said "There are no mistakes" - Sawyer would say - "I love that, Mom."
30 years difference between that little boy and me - funny how that statement brings BOTH of us a small moment of comfort.
NO MISTAKES! How beautiful is that?!
So cherish them. The moments.
The endings.
The beginnings.
...and everything in between.
This kit.
For Spring - as one season dies - beauty bursts forth vibrantly everywhere.
For Easter - and the story of Christ.
Simply for life.
{endings & beginnings} both equally perfect.
I hope you love this kit as much as I do.
It is light hearted.
Fresh & Fun.
Each one of the words fits in the Journal Block.
imagine the possibilities!
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My favorite QUOTE OF THE DAY:
Believing in yourself is not just for you;
it's for every person who has touched your life in a significant way
for every person your life will touch the same way five minutes from now, or five centuries from now."
Jaye Miller
{that is one wise lady}

What to you think of the new kit?
Let me know!