Design Team Tuesday! Jen Erickson is a "Rock Star"

Jen, Jen, Jo, Jen...Bannana, Nanna Fo Fen....
Jen is a spunky one!
Always has something to say...NEVER at a loss for words.
I remember the first time she met Ryan Broman at Chicago CHA - she had a million and one questions of why he isn't married within the first ten minutes. I loved watching the look on his face as Jen was like " married? Why Not....Huh? What's going on? Why aren't you married, huh?"
This is why we love her. If she wants to know she just asks, and if she has a thought - she says it....I'm just sayin...
Her style shows in her creativity. Black and White, Kraft and White - with a splash of color for the element of surprise. Never a dull moment - always a pleasure.
She is a self proclaimed ROCK STAR and we must agree with her thoughts on that. She rocks out the cutest layouts - and has the best, witty journaling tactics!
I love her layouts. She has phenomenal skills. Skills - HA!
Even though she threatens to break my arm, or hunt me down if I don't get her stamps like...yesterday - I still love her. She adds a spark of lovliness to our DT, to say the least.
She has a heart of gold - and I have this feeling that we would be the best of friends if it weren't for the 1,000 miles that keep us apart.
Love it Jen!
In celebration of her LAYOUT - Jen shared some of her FAVORITE quotes courtesy of her DAD.

Gifts from my Dad
so, my favorite quotes.
this time all come from my dad, bill albracht.
"No one said life was fair."
(i use that one with my own kids at home and first graders at school)
"Take care of your equiptment and your equiptment will take care of you."
(he was referring to my sports stuff, but this works well with scrapbook stuff as well!)
"Let's talk logistics."
"If your gonna mess with an Albracht, you's better pack a lunch."
"no, you will not marry micheal jackson."
(this quote came mainly in my 6th grade year, but i heard it A LOT :) ).
Go pay JEN a visit on her blog.
She has another adorable layout for you to enjoy!
Leave her some LOVE!
Check it OUT!
Chris and I were walking around the Mall on Saturday - there was 4 hours between basketball games, and we thought we would explore the stores. We walked into the book store and started looking through the crafting magazines - OF COURSE...
I found THIS ONE - With Unity Design Team Maren's project on the cover!
We had NO IDEA the inside was splattered with Unity!
How exciting!
Page after Page - you have to go get this!
Brilliant Creations - with Unity EVERYWHERE.

Unity Stamps shown on The Cover {hooray Maren!} and Pages:
AJ Otto - Nikki Meiners
Maren Benedict
Maren Benedict
Maren Bendict
AJ Otto
Maren Benedict
Maren Benedict
Melissa Phillips
Tanis Giesbrecht
Megan Hoeppner
Elizabeth Jensen

How Fun! This will always be so exciting to see!
I love seeing so many FAB Unity Projects out there!
Thanks to the Girls that Submitted!
Much appreciated!
Did you go MOXIE FAB today?
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She has an amazing eye for beautiful TRENDY items - you will want to mark her as one of your FAVORITES, Follow Her - and stay up with all the Trends of the Papercrafting World!