Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hip Hopping from California to Minnesota!

We will be traveling home today.
I miss the boys.
I am so much looking forward to arriving to my little home in the snow.
{did i really just say i was looking forward to SNOW?}
Any way you look at it.
It is nice to go - but I LUV getting back home!

AJ & Maren.
These girls are so very sweet.
Love em!
Jen Cushman using UNITY in the SIZZIX booth. She did an amazing job!
Lindsay Spencer she used your LINDEN BRANCH!

Kelly, Me, Brandy & Cath from PAPERCRAFTS Magazine.
What a wonderful group of gals!

Brooke made this SCRAPBOOK a'la HUGE!
She did such a wonderful job incorporating so many amazing projects into it!

There were 5 pages.
Adorable Pages.
AJ, Jeanne and my girl Brooke.
He was with me the entire time, however it was SO BUSY we hardly even said HELLO to one another. A couple moments for some photo ops did arrive.
What a guy. Poor man is DRIVING HOME as I fly through the sky!

A little about the Unity way of doing things.

Beautiful Lori Craig.
She is so very sweet.

Who is that with her head on the rubber stamps?!
IT IS Unity Design Team Member FLAT JIMMI!
We were so amused having her along!
At one point the alarms went off and ALL THE PEEPS had to leave the building. More time for a PHOTO OP!
Maren & Eryn.

Make & Take.
Everyone LOVED it!
This is a chick with some energy.
What a wonderful thing to have friends like Brooke to help out.

Girls just wanna have fun.
We did.

Flat Jimmi in the bag.
How do you like that?
We had some comic relief with this one!
....however it was not long before we had her JOIN the party again!
Brooke, Flat Jimmi, AJ and I.
Good Times!
Now go HIP HOP TO THE FIRST LADY of the day!
Wow - that girl is GOOD!
She just left the hotel not 1 hour ago!
She is traveling all day as well!
GO TO DO THE BLOG HOP, my ladies!
CLICK HERE to start your day!
10 am Central Blog Hop
11 am Central HIP HOP in the SCS Forum!
Time for some fun!

Hip Hop!


Jacqueline said...

so glad you are all on your way home! Wonderful pictures! safe travels!

Tanis said...

Flat Jimmi...I LOVE it!!!

jpmayo said...

I look so skinny!!!

Love it, girls!

StampinCathy said...

WoW all the pics are fabulous. I would have loved to have been one of the lucky stampers that was there...even if it was a pic. I know you guys got your excerise with all the laughter you did together. I just love UNITY and all the PEEPS. Have a safe flight home.

Lindsay Spencer said...

Fun pictures! I'm so glad you're so camera happy. I love it.

I feel so famous!! LOL! Thanks for bringing a little piece of me along to CHA. I'm going to be there in PERSON next year. I can already see it.

Christi Snow said...

LOVING all these photos!!! And, Wow!!! The "scrapbook" that Brooke put together is incredible...great work, Brooke AND everyone that has projects on many pretties!!! smiles...

Olde Country Creations said...

Fabulous pictures, thanks so much for sharing. I love the flat Jimmi. lol I know she got a kick out of that. Brooke did a FABULOUS job putting together the projects. Glad you all are on your way home, we have missed you!


Tamara said...

It looks like you had SO MUCH FUN!!!

I am totally in *love* with Brooke's mega scrapbook!

AJ said...

FLAT Jimmi got to meet so many people!!
Yea flat Jimmi- you look good in my purse!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Do you know you totally MADE my day!!!! I'm just grinning ear to ear!!! The pictures, the smiles, the wonderful faces to names, the gorgeous's all just soooo infectious "listening" to you!!! OMGosh I love Flat Jimmi!!!! LOL Absolutely fantabulous!!! There is absolutely no question as to why UNITY ROCKS!!!!!!!!! HUGZZ!!!!!

Amber said...

Angela, I worked in the ScrapOnizer booth and had fun being your back-door neighbor! Loved your gorgeous booth! I hope it went well.

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