Wednesday, December 31, 2008

WOW! All about GINA! Goal Met, TOO! Hooray!

Place an order
BEFORE midnight
to have your name in a drawing for a box of
50 RANDOM un-mounted precut red rubber STAMPS FROM UNITY!
In May I put the Stamping Top 50 icon on the Unity Blog and Website. When I registered I was number 786. I made a goal right then and there to be in the STAMPING TOP 50 by the end of the year. Nothing like sliding into home base! Today it happened! The LAST day of the year. TOP 50, HELLO! - How FUN is that?
New Goal.
Hmmm....What shall it be?
WOW! Gina!
You shine with your lovely scrapbooking style, my girl.
I just love these layouts and was so excited to put them on my blog today!
Gina is a brilliant creator and shared some fun stuff about her life & craft.
My name is Gina Hanson, I live in South Eastern Washington with my husband Joe and our two children, Kaitie (almost 14) and Jakob (9). We also have a dachshund his name is lil Dude.
How did you find Unity Stamps?
My good friend Shaela introduced my to Unity just last month. She gave me a Unity stamp for my Birthday and I instantly fell in love.
What is your favorite Kit?
Although I don't own it yet, I'd have to say the {Our Life, Our Stories} kit. I borrowed Shaela's and it is just AWESOME! I have so many ideas in my head for this one.
Do you have a fave color combo?
Hhhhmmm . . . I'd have to say red, brown and cream or orange and blue.
What inspires you?
My children because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have much to create with. Also all the wonderfully talented ladies that I see in my daily blog reads, in online galleries and in magazines.

Do you have a favorite quote?
"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt within the heart."
Helen Keller

What sort of music do you enjoy while crafting?
I listen to my sis's playlist or mine . . . Or anything Kenny Chesney
Thanks for sharing, Gina!
I am looking forward to seeing all you create with Unity!
You have so very much talent.
Giggle Grove Trees
Image artist: Kristine Bents
Layout by: Gina
From the August Kit of the Month:
Love was never PROMISED to be easy....
Artist: Jessica Rose.
Layout by: Gina
LAST DAY to get the DECEMBER Kit of the Month as a NEW MEMBER at $24.00!
Tomorrow is the NEW KIT Debut!
Woot! Woot!
Click HERE for Kit of the Month Details.
I will also be announcing TWO WINNERS for 50% off SHOPPING SPREES!
I will be taking the winners from my list of followers to the Unity Blog.
I promised when I hit the STAMPING TOP 50 I would give away some SHOPPING SPREES!
What are you doing for New Years?
We are taking the kiddos to a Movie and then have invited wonderful friends over to talk smart.
It is -15 degrees here.
This chick is NOT getting ready to GO OUT.
2009 will ring in with me in my sweatshirt and sweatpants cozied up with friends and a bottle of wine!
I can't tell you how excited I am for 2009!
Unity is FAB, FAB, Fab, and becoming even more so in the coming months!
So exciting!
Come along for the ride!
Enjoy your evening!
HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DT Tuesday! Christi Snow!....35% OFF & Free Stamps!

gets you
35% off every order for ONE FULL DAY!
Starting MIDNIGHT tonight till Wednesday at MIDNIGHT!
Well, for you late night blog readers - it is a treat, but for those of you who do the hopping during the day - I am throwing you for a loop!
A loop is good everyone ONCE in a WHILE!
The DYNAMIC Christi Snow is here to entertain!
{with her beautiful little girl by her that little one is sweet!}
This is the first time that I have seen this stamp USED and it is delightful!
Christi you are amazing!
I love it!
What a great VALENTINE stamp!
------Lisa Hetrick stand up and take a bow. You are an amazing artist!-----
This is a wood mounted stamp, and it is FABULOUS!
Click HERE to take a peek on my website!
Here are some MORE FIRSTS!
First time that I viewed the Flourish a'la Lindsey Spencer as well. Do you see those dainty little flowers in the corners of this ADORABLE Layout? They are from December Kit of the Month!
TODAY and TOMORROW you can get it for $24.00, if you sign up to be a MEMBER!
CLICK HERE to see the KIT OF THE MONTH details.
Also shown here is SPUNKY PRINCESS.
$5.00 of every kit sold goes to THIS LITTLE GIRL to help her battle her cancer.
CLICK HERE to order & help her family.

Look at those adorable SPUNKY PRINCESS STAMPS!
Don't you just LOVE THEM?!
Christi & Lisa Hetrick are a wonderful match!
Thanks again, Lisa for DONATING this set for a wonderful cause!

...and there is beautiful little Kat. She just melts my heart each time I see her in these fabulous layouts that Christi creates!

THANK YOU, Christi!
Your creativity continues to grace Unity each and every week!
I can't tell you how much I appreciate you supporting me for an entire year!
You are one amazing lady!
CLICK HERE to see more of Christi's WONDERFUL Inspiration!


So....1 more day of 2008.

You will notice as the first few weeks of January pass, new kits will be made out of old kits, and new stamps will arrive. New sizes, new EVERYTHING!
We have spent 6 months figuring out what Unity customers want and we LISTENED!
You are all going to be so pleased.

HOWEVER...We have some inventory!
SO - Buy while you can my peeps!
Last chance to get the first Unity Inventory.
New is on the Horizon!
35% OFF
that's right!
The BEST DEAL EVER for 24 hours.
{lack of HIP HOP and 2009 are TWO good reasons to have a fun SALE at Unity!}
I am giving away 3 boxes of rubber.
50 stamps EACH BOX!

Each box will contain 50 random un-mounted, pre-cut rubber stamps!

Place an order on December 31 to have your name put in a drawing to qualify!
3 winners will be chosen!

Happy New Year from everyone at UNITY!
We think you people are the BEST!
We {heart} our customers and wish you a bundle of
WISHES COME TRUE for the new year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What a busy month for Tami!

Tami Mayberry not only kept up with keeping my posts on time,
{better than me - i might add}
but did the miraculous as well - she added a small baby to her family - Lucky Gal!
You HAVE TO CLICK HERE to see this BABY! The SWEETEST little one, ever!
She is organized and dedicated to her responsibilities.
Thank You Tami, for sharing your talents with us!
{you will be seeing MORE of Tami with Unity! She is MULTI - Talented! TAMI created one of the stamps in my January Kit of the Month!}
I wish my month of December had not been so busy as I felt as though I was barely present while you were here!
Forgive me, Tami.
At any rate:
Here are her beautiful creations.
So appropriate for this time of year.
The first card, to me, represents our "Wishes" as the New Year arrives!
and the second -
Reminds us of the "reason" - although Christmas has past the season is still very much present.
Enjoy the inspiration!

Stamps: Unity (August KOTM, Amaze Me)
Card stock: Prism
Patterned paper: Basic Grey
Ink: Clearsnap
Ribbon: Creative Impressions
Pearls: KaiserCraft

Jesus is the Reason
Stamps: Unity (Jesus is the Reason, Bright Snow)
Card stock: Prism
Ink: Cleasnap
Circle dies: Spellbinders
Ribbon and snowflake brad: Creative Impressions
Paper Crimper
Machine stitching

I am going to warn everyone of the time constraints we have. We are preparing for several large "happenings" within Unity.
One being CHA - We leave in about 20 days.
We have more than "too much" to do.
So if you find me absent or silent, please know my heart is still WISHING that I could be 2 places at one time.
As much as I love all the preparation, I miss the time I can take each day to connect with my gals.
So hang in there.
Know I am here.
Extremely Busy.
loving the fact the Unity is getting to where it is going.
So many changes, so little time...
CHA Here we come!
Week in Unity!
Kim Bell.
Extrordinary Crafter.
love her work.
Click HERE to see her EVERY single DAY this WEEK!
Thank You, Kim!
I am learning a lot this week.
I can feel it. BIG time.
These quotes, although not much like the ones I normally share - are appreciated!
Reminder! Reminder! Reminder!
each and every one. wow. i needed these. thank goodness for wise people.

"Every morning is a fresh beginning.
Every day is the world made new.
Today is a new day.
Today is my world made new.
I have lived all my life up to this moment, to come to this day.
This moment - this day - is as good as any moment in all eternity.
I shall make of this day - each moment of this day - a heaven on earth.
This is my day of opportunity."
Dan Custer
Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.
T. S. Eliot
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.
Henry Ford
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
Dale Carnegie
Enjoy your evening!

Friday, December 26, 2008

What a DAY! Welcome NEW Unity DT Members!

Here it is!
This time as promised!
Joining my TWO CURRENT Design Team Members
Jennifer Buck
Jen Erickson
on the Unity Scrapbooking Design Team
WILL BE......
{Yikes this is so exciting...I AM SO NERVOUS, i don't even know why!}
{just me}
CLICK HERE to see more about Anne Marie Teo

{it is WHAT it is.....}
CLICK HERE to see more of Renee!

of course last but nowhere near least....
{all things through Christ}
CLICK HERE to see more about Chelsea!

Can I just say...
This was a very, very hard decision for all of us to make!
We pondered and pondered - as there is a phenomenal amount of talent that arrived to our inbox.
THANK YOU for taking the step forward to apply for my team.
Please know that if I could have a team of 100 I WOULD!
I appreciate each and every single one of you.
The girls we have picked will do an amazing Job!
I am very excited to see what transpires.
Keep in mind...Unity is growing, there will be so much opportunity in the future for Guest DT Spots as well as MORE DT Spots!
Brand New Unity Design Team Roster:
6 Fantastic Gals of Talent!
Welcome to Unity!

As Promised.
Sneak Peek of the January Kit of the Month!
{which is not even NAMED YET!}
Thanks to:
Lindsey, Lisa, Tanis, Amy, Jeanne, Tami for your contributions of Art!

January's Stamps are all SUPA BIG and ALL Un-mounted PreCut Red Rubber

Only 4 more days to sign up for the Unity Kit Club and get the December Kit of the Month at the Kit Club Price of
CLICK HERE to join the hundreds of gals LOVING this Kit Club!

....and a HUGE THANKS
Natalie Dever
Patter Cross
Sara Henton was so fun today to get some more bundles of goodies for the Unity Gang!
Natalie sent us Ho Ho's - so cute {they are nearly GONE by the way!}
Patter sent us some beautiful books {we all loved them!}
Sara MADE us some adorable necklaces {so, so pretty! THANK YOU!}
All the beautiful CARDS that were sent.
Just today we opened 10 more STUNNING cards of well wishes.
You have all been so good to us this Holiday Season.

Our joyous Christmas experience....

Christmas Eve.
Mom & Dads House.
Amazing Gourmet meal a'la my mother.
Time Together.

Santa visits every year.
This group of kiddos made it on the "nice" list this year!
This is all my boys as well as my brother's children {my niece & nephews}
Jordan, Little Jackson and Cassie.
The kids LOVE this moment every year - even the big kids.
Sawyer didn't loose that grin on his face all evening. It was a perma - grin at its best!

Luke got a kick out of Santa!
Of course the ever humiliating part of HAVING to sit on his lap comes every year.
The older boys are great sports about it!

My mother is a gourmet cook. She put together a Christmas Eve feast that left all of us looking for the nearest couch, pillow and blanket. It was so yummy!

All my boys lined up enjoying the feast.
Luke & his Papa.
I never thought my little children would be taller than their Papa.
Looks like the time has come for that!

James amongst all the chaos of gift opening and excited children.
Lucky kid recieved some headphones for shot gun shooting to protect his ears.
It came in handy for Christmas Eve as well!
Nic bought everyone gifts this year. He had so much fun shopping for his family. He spoiled us with picking out JUST the right item for everyone. He thought this T-Shirt fit his dad perfectly. I think there are many that would have to agree! It says "Mr. Happy".
My Life.
They are all so good to me.
My 5 amazing guys.
I could not ask for one thing more.
It is my hope that each and every single one of you had a joyous Christmas experience with those you love and adore.

Now we are on to a New Year.
Full of exciting opportunities.
The chance to begin again.
Each year better.
Anything is possible.
I love that.
Here we come!

Sneak Peek of January Kit of the Month to be shown in my second post of the day.
I will be back a little later!
{sneak peek & final decision!}

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Week IN Unity! Beautiful, Wonderful, Fabulous!

Merry Christmas to each and EVERY single ONE of you!
Jess is doing WEEK in Unity!

Take a peek HERE and leave Jess SOME LOVE!

She has Unity during CHRISTMAS week and we need to be sure all her HARD WORK on these AMAZING Projects get some serious LOVE!

She is giving away a little Unity Sugar {blog candy} at the end of the week to ONE lucky person that leaves her a HELLO.

Make Memories.
Live in the Moment.
Oh...and Laugh....laugh a lot.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Midnight Already?! Geez! I missed the 23rd ANNOUNCEMENT!

{I am done shopping.}
5.5 hours of pure dedication to getting it complete this evening.
I arrived home at 11:30 p.m. this evening.
I even asked the lady at Walmart to celebrate my last Christmas purchase with me by sharing a bottle of wine....she had to work till 4 a.m. - it didn't work out.
As I loaded the last bag into my Volvo I had a moment of peace - it lasted 2 seconds.
My heart HIT the Walmart Parking Lot when I realized I forgot to post my
NEW SCRAPBOOK Design Team Members!
How could I do that? ACK!
So I drove home as fast as I could with the roads being covered with slick sparkly snow. I had the intention to IMMEDIATELY get to my computer to make my final decisions and POST it.
BUT Internet is d-o-w-n.
So here I am at 12:25 with the Internet BACK in tact - my household sound asleep, my CHRISTMAS PRESENTS needing to be wrapped and my GUILT for not getting my post completed!
Now I have one more thing to tell you.
Please don't be angry.
WE haven't made our FINAL decision!
I know! I know! We only decided on ONE Amazing Lady so far...
Do you blame us! We had SO MANY APPLICANTS!
DRUM ROLL PLEASE............
Lynn Ghahary
Welcome to the Official Unity Design Team Line Up!
We are so very excited to have you!
I hope that you will leave her a comment and give her big cyber {{{hugs}}} to congratulate her!
*************************************************************************** the meantime, I hate to say this - however....
I need more time!
{I asked Chris if you girls would be mad at me....he said no - that you would all understand - so you have to listen to him, K?!}
I am going to look over the applicants after I am done with all my wrapping tomorrow.
I will make another announcement by FRIDAY evening.
I am sorry to have to extend this - but I really have SO MANY to choose from and I need my girls to help me make that final choice again!

Let's switch MODES and take a peek at my TALENTED Jeanne.
This gal has skills.
I'm telling ya!
{can you keep a little secret? she even helped me complete the January Kit of the Month today with her talent....yep - she is an artist besides!}
Do you think I should give you girls a little sneak peek of the January KOM?
I am feeling like I should since it is CHRISTMAS!
Perhaps Friday, I shall do that!
Geez...some people have all the TALENT IN THE WORLD and Jeanne is one of them!
Snowbuddy Like You!
Artist Lisa Hetrick
Christmas List
Artist Lynn Warner

Prince of Peace
Artist: Kristine Bents

Thanks for being so patient with me today Jeanne!
I missed DT Tuesday - we are now to WEDNESDAY and I apologize for that!
She has an AMAZING blog that just makes you want to grab your stamps and CREATE something beautiful like her!

ALSO.... I wanted to include some of our CHOICE GAL and New Unity Scrapbook Design Team Member, Lynn Ghahary.

She has an amazing display of projects on her blog. These are just a couple she sent with her application for Design Team.

A HUGE CONGRADS and Welcome to You, Lynn!

Using "Owl Always Love You" by Unity

"Quite a Pair"
Using "Our Life, Our Stories" by Unity
Just in case....I get eaten by the WRAPPING Presents Monster tomorrow....
MERRY CHRISTMAS my amazing Unity Friends!!
We wish you a Christmas filled with memories to treasure for a lifetime!
Quotes...of course....can't bid farewell without them!
To your enemy, forgiveness.
To an opponent, tolerance.
To a friend, your heart.
To every child, a good example.
To all, charity.
To yourself, respect."
Author Unknown But Greatly Appreciated!
...and from my lovely friend, Sabrina...
{and yes, everything is FINE :)}
"You'll see it when you believe it."
~ Wayne Dyer
this chick is tired.
off to bed.
what a day.
looking forward to food, time spent with my family, and relaxation
{oh! and "eggnog" coffee creamer}
christmas....ahhhhhh....i luv this holiday - a baby was born. the world stands still.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who made these this weekend?
Tommy T. - He must be SOME ANGEL to make such a perfecto SNOW IMAGE!
Although this was FRIDAY, before the snow really hit!
Our weekend FLEW by!
I am sure all of you are busy preparing for the Holidays!
What are you doing?
I love that!
Chris's parents and My parents live within 15 miles of one another!
The EVE is spent at my parents home and the DAY is spent at HIS parents home.
However we have a JOYOUS ARRIVAL!
This year things will be a bit different as we have welcomed a lovely new little angel into the family!
Chris and I have a new niece.
Amelie Liv
Therefore Chris's mom is traveling deep into Wisconsin to be with them for the Holidays.
She will be missed, but she is going to be RIGHT where she is loved and needed.
What a treat to have a new little baby for them to hold at Christmas!
ooooo.....and she is so very adorable....
Congrats Peter and Jessica!
You have a beauty.
She is one lucky baby.
Ok everyone....
Stay calm...there is still 3 days till's the little things that REALLY matter! Right?
{that is for all of you that are in the same position as me....or it may just be me talking to myself because everyone else is completely SANE and has it all done!}
"The little things? The little moments? They aren't little"
John Zabat - Zinn
Enjoy your evening!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hip Hop Hangover....Midnight Style.

I am not saying anything but....I'm Sorry!
I did not forget about you amazing people.
{I just now emerged out from underneath my "to DO" list}
I hope I am forgiven as I can't say enough about how much I LOVE Hip Hop Hangover Day!
I think I had a panic attack trying to get this post up before MIDNIGHT!
My apologies, sweet gals!

To all you amazing people that have sent the Unity Peeps some TREATS for the HOLIDAY a HUGE THANKS TO YOU!

Jimmi - So yummy! So, So Yummy!

Lisa Hetrick - More Yummies! & a Ca-UTE Snowman!

Carol - Chocolates! More Yummies!

Jen Buck - More Yummies! ...and MY JOY BANNER that i sent a HINT out about!


...and all the Beautiful Cards and words of THANKS and encouragment! EVERY DAY is a HAPPY MAIL day at Unity! Why oH WHY isn't there a better word than THANK YOU or APPRECIATE, or GRATEFUL - because they don't seem to cover it!

I have the BEST Design Team and THE BEST Customers in the WORLD!

Tons of Love to you all!

Thanks again!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holiday Hip Hop! Overstock Sale! HUGE!

NaH, NAH, NAH, nah.....GOODBYE!
These images are going to be discontinued come January 1, 2009
GONE - Never - and I mean NEVAH.... to be sold again!
Limited Quantities!
When they are GONE...THEY ARE GONE!
Get yours while you can!


Swinging Swedish

By AJ Otto - Unity Design Team Member!

Two People in Love By Christi Snow - Unity Stamp Design Team Member!

Vintage Accents
Column Arch

By Rachel Bellus here is the deal.
As of January 1, 2009 Unity will no longer be selling our stellar wood mounted slides in KITS.
Of COURSE, our fab WOOD MOUNTED SLIDES will still define UNITY, however they will ALL BE IN SINGLES!
Internally we are doing ALL of our WOOD MOUNTED SLIDES as SINGLES.
We are making it SIMPLE to understand!
The ording process will now be DELIGHTFUL!

Keep in mind.
Our Pre-Cut Red Rubber UN-Mounted Kits will still be sold as KITS.

It is a WONDERFUL step in the right direction for us!
We are very excited to clear up the confusion!

After all...Simplicity is my favorite way of life!
It should be NO DIFFERENT with my line of stamps!

I have disturbing news. My plate I turned in was DISTORTED and my stamps came teeny teeny tiny tiny....

Considering the fact that these were GOING TO BE BIGGER! Much Much Bigger I decided to Re-Do my production plate that makes the stamps. I am just not the "rip off" type and although I may be risking a longer ship time - I need to be sure you girls are HAPPY!

Did you see we have over 50 stamps listed at 50% off?
Click here to see our
but WAIT, that's not ALL...more stamps have been added to the
DOLLAR bin...Check them out HERE!
{so many goodness...they just need a home and some love}
Shop away!
Not to be combined with any other discount offer!

So. I went shopping online from my fluffy couch and found ALL KINDS OF DEALS. In order for me to SHOP online, I need to find a place that has either FLAT RATE CHEAP Shipping or FREE SHIPPING. It is a must.
I love my $5.00 shipping rate -
But....TODAY...I am going FREE AGAIN!
Woot! Woot!
Selected stamps 50% off and FREE SHIPPING!
Wow...I could practically put on a red suit! Hee Hee.
Coupon Code: JOY


Did you see THIS STAMP?
It is only $1.oo with a $10.00 order today.

Did you see THIS STAMP?
It is FREE, FREE, FREE with the purchase of 5 items.
We will automatically put it in your order.


OK. What did I miss?

Scrapbook Team Submissions DUE: December 20th.
I have received all of your applications.
However will I choose?
You people are amazing!

NO New Releases today!
Catching up! Inventory! Anticipation for the NEW YEAR of Hip Hop!

Watch the Internet!
One of your favorite ONLINE Stores will be carrying Unity SOON!


Alright....all I want for Christmas is a CLONE MACHINE!
Does anyone know how to do that?
I need another me.
Except she would really annoy me from time to time!
I feel like those STRETCH DOLLS from way back when! GEESH!


I feel like I am missing something.
What it is?
Hmmmm.....well - more thoughts come my way.
Another Blog Post!


Our final Hip Hop of 2008!
Click HERE to do so!

Also be sure to
Grab some coffee and
Every SINGLE, Each and EVERY, ALL of the DESIGN Team MEMBERS have some BLOG CANDY, BABY!
Start with AJ!
Leave some love for some Unity Sugar
{that would be blog candy UNITY STYLE}
....18 winners from the goodness of the hearts of my Design Team!
They are amazing!

If you have never joined HIP HOP before CLICK HERE:
Ky is the FAB - she did a little write up on how it works! THANKS KY!

This little picture went to the bottom! Whoops!
Column Arch - to be Discontinued!

Happy Holiday Hip Hop!
Even thought we will be NOT doing Hip Hop for a couple weeks we will
So be sure to check in everyday with Unity Every SINGLE Day!!
We have a $50.00 Gift Certificate Winner for placing an order on
the first week of December!
Merry Christmas, Marcella Hayosh!
will qualify for a drawing giving away a
$50.00 Gift Certificate AGAIN for Holiday Hip Hop THIS WEEK!
{must place an order by Thursday Midnight}

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