Wednesday, July 30, 2008

EVERYTHINGS Coming up ROSES! Let me tell you why....

Is it Watch-Out Wednesday? YES! It IS....and what a treat I have for you!
Rose Ann Reynolds is our Feature Artist for Today!
The ULTRA-Famous Unity Chicken! Everyone LOVES this! She peeked her little beak out at CHA Winter 2008 and has become ultra famous since! She is from the Greatest of Friends kit. Check it out. What a beautiful card, Rose Ann!
Since Beate used this Butterfly Beauty set is has been hard to keep on the shelves of Unity. Now Rose Ann has made it come alive again with this gorgeous card. Splendid!

I think we all are very familiar with Ms. EcoChic here as well! Jimmi used it on her phenomenal project and now RoseAnn has graced the "Love the Earth" push with this fresh choice of colors and design.

Unity Singles have been so popular and I have a little something up my sleeve regarding a NEW SINGLE coming VERY SOON! You will have to check back in the next couple days as I reveal my surprise! I love surprises!
I have admired RoseAnn and stalked her blog for some time now. She has a clean fresh approach to stamping and I adore her style. She has shared a bit of information regarding herself that I wanted to include on this post.
I am so honored and excited to be your Watchout Wednesday featured designer! Thank you for this awesome recognition! {we are honored you submitted such beautiful work to showcase! thanks so much!}
I am a stay-at-home mother of three, and have been married to my husband for nearly 17 years. Though I am not currently working out of the home, I am a registered/certified dental assistant, and keep up my licenses.
I first heard of Unity when I was reading up on all of the CHA chatter from the Winter '08 show. I was fortunate to be able to try out these stamps as part of the SCS Review Team, and now I just can't seem to get enough of them!!
Rose Ann is on VACATION this week, she was SUPPOSED to be featured last week but due to the push back of our schedule it did not work the way we had planned. CHA took Unity by storm and I was not able to post while away. However...she will be back soon enough and have MORE INSPIRATION to showcase. She is amazing!
You want to know WHY I said EVERYTHING is coming up "ROSES"? Well....
We have Rose Ann Reynolds as our feature designer this week and I have a BRAND NEW ARTIST as well. She has amazing talent and that talent is going to be showcased as our August Kit of the Month! Her name is Jessica Rose - and she is brilliantly unique and talented!
"Remember Happiness" is the NAME of our newest Kit of the Month. You will NOT WANT TO MISS IT! It is so,so,so,so,so FUN!
If you would like to see it PRIOR to August 1....
Join my Release Party at SPLITCOAST tonight!
8-10 Central
Go to and find our Member Forum by clicking on the Unity Logo listed on the right!
At some point I will reveal "Remember Happiness" and you will LOVE IT!
Don't forget to VISIT Unity Artist Amy Baas on her blog! She has made the famous CHA Tree into a piece of art - It is adorable! Leave a comment for a chance to win! She will pick a winner and reveal it at the party tonight!
Thursday Blog Post {when i get to it} is going to show some Unity Love.
Inside Pictures. Outside Pictures. - and much, much, more!
See you tonight at Splitcoast!
Take a peek at my DT Members blogs for NEW RELEASE Peeks!
Prizes, Give-Aways, and HUGE DEALS!
1 more day to get July Kit of the Month "It's the Little Things!"

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

DT Tuesday - Jimmi Mayo - Stamper Extrodinare

Yikes! I am feeling so ANXIOUS!
So much going little time!
So first off, my apologies for my LATE DAY posts each day! I know one thing for most definitely will forgive me when you see the Kit of the Month for August. It is as yummy as this little card that Jimmi made for all of us!
{you are one FAB stamper! keep moving forward with the mojo!}

Our first little sweet creation was created with Unity's "Mix up of Cuteness" set - by Unity artist Adrianna Marie. This set has something for everyone.
Some cherries, a bright eyed owl, a tiny little whale and m-o-r-e!
Ms. Ultra Talented made this perfect little clear card for our viewing pleasure.
Thank you, Jimmi!
Now for a little earth friendly delight....Unity's EcoChic set is taking its place in the stamping world. It was submitted to my by Jessamy Tsoris - my amazing artist. This set is only $9.00! WHAT?! Yes - that is IT!

Jimmi's Favorite Inspiration: {"I included one of my favorite pictures on me on the beach because it goes along with my favorite song lyric and words to live by "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems..." I sing that all the time, almost every day!"} -now you have ME singing it everyday!
Seriously? Does this picture scream relaxation, or what?!

{Did you see Jimmi's Tattoo on her toe....How adorable is that? MY TURN!}

Jimmi is one of my ORIGINAL DT Members. She has been supportive, patient and amazing as Unity develops and grows. I appreciate all you have done, Jimmi! Looking forward to perhaps digging my feet into the sand right next to you one day! I have put it on my list of things to do!

Have you done the BLOG HOP today!?
Sneak Peeks on all of my DT Members blogs!
Can't wait for the reveal tomorrow night!
5 kits being released....2 BRAND NEW views!
Join us!
Splitcoast Stampers Unity Forum
8-10 pm Central!
Give Aways, Gifts and MORE!

Hope you will join us!
Enjoy your evening!

Scroll down to yesterdays post for UNITY JEWELRY and a chance to WIN!
Amy Baas, Unity Artist has some BLOG CANDY for you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Short & Sweet...Take a peek!

How adorable is this?
Courtesy of Unity Stamp Artist - Amy Baas "Little Fish Designs"
One of my "Oh, so talented artists..." is so generous! She has made this adorable necklace to GIVE AWAY in celebration of Unity's Release on Wednesday!
All you need to do is leave a comment on her blog - to qualify for the WIN!
{Click HERE.}
To see the adorable BACK SIDE you need to blog hop!

That is all I have today! I am a busy, busy gal at this moment...I would love to chat it up, but I have some FUN surprises in store and I am working diligently to keep up!
I need an assistant...anyone? anyone?
DT Feature Jimmi Mayo {fun creations to showcase, check back!}

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feature Friday! Elizebeth and her ADORABLE Creations!

Elizebeth has an adorable treat for us.
She comes up with the most UNIQUE projects.
I am delightfully amused every Friday by what she has shared with me!
An unforgettable guest designer! THANK YOU Elizebeth!
The brilliant orange cards were made with Floral Fantastical. I just LOVE the orange and blue. It is fresh, with that little hint of pink mixed in. Perfection.
The front of this little house is adorned with Unity's "Tiny Trinity".

The tree's on the front were covered in crystal effects and shimmer paint for some extra texture and dimension. One of my favorite parts of it is the little bird loft. I had a ton of these birds left over from Easter and decided to make a next with some twine ribbon and pearls.

When I was at Michael's and found the serving tray I saw this cute little house next to it. On the main panel was a cut out of a key, and inside had key hooks. It was about $2 and just knew I could do something cute with it, so it came home with me.

I thought this would be such a CUTE gift to make someone, a fun little mailbox, because inside I included 3 small cards. My oldest daughter, Ava has been in LOVE with this and keeps asking me when the bird house is coming to her room.

Finished Project. I love it Elizebeth!

Brilliant. Thank you so much for your visual inspiration this Friday Evening!

My apologies for not posting sooner. We have been in "GO" mode since arriving home from CHA. The phones are ringing the orders are tumbling in by leaps and bounds. It is WONDERFUL! We are so happy that so many people will have the opportunity to go right to their LSS and purchase their favorite Unity Stamps!

Please forgive me if you are waiting for any response to emails...I am a tad behind, but rest assured I will get to the SOON! I am not ignoring you - I PROMISE!

I did want to share one final thought that Elizebeth shared in her email to me today.

"With the moonlight to guide you
Feel the joy of being alive
The day that you stop running
Is the day that you arrive"
"Enjoy the ride" - Morcheeba

I love that Elizebeth! Thank you for sharing at just the right moment!

Enjoy your weekend!
Home I go to let the boys know they STILL have a mom!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

WHAT?! It can't be THURSDAY ALreAdY!

What is up?!
Lots and Lots.
We are busy assembling Kits and Cooking Rubber!

We have a inventory hanging in Unity ready to hit the shelves at numerous shops across the country!
Start looking for Unity near you!
Unity's "EcoChic" was a hit at CHA!
Represents "Going Green" at Unity perfectly!
Do you KNOW the amount of Maple we save EVERYDAY with our concept?

July 30th we will officially release
"Have a Diva Day!"
"Growing with Unity"
"Tiny X-Mas Tags"
"Hey Chicky!"
{Do you see the sparkle on this rubber? - These are ULTRA Special...}
We are ready to go for this release!
Join us at Splicoast for your little party.
July 30th from 8-10 p.m. Central

This is Carrie...."Waving from the back room". She was home from CHA holding down the fort.
She is the "Chick O' Many Talents" here.
She cooks rubber, cuts rubber, fills orders, etc. Don't worry - she has help, but we sure appreciate all she does to keep Unity moving forward!

Another big NOTE OF APPRECIATION from CHA! I need to single her out. This is my Kara. Near and Dear to me. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is Chris's Auntie. Yes, they are nearly the same age - and I won't go into details. Chris and Kara have been close all their lives - then 14 years ago along came ME and I stole her! We could talk for hours, she is amazing! She graciously came and helped out Unity for CHA - and it would not have been nearly the same without her.
Perhaps a future DT Member?!?!
Miss Ultra Talented here is one busy Chick - but someday I will make her join the team & Guest Design.
You will find some new talent from her and LOVE IT!

AJ! Where is your crown! We had just a few "looks" when we would all prance around in our Tiaras. I was fine with that as I have never been crowned princess for ANYTHING, might as well wear it proud while I can!
I will confess...I have on occasion since arriving home placed it on my head "Just Because"...the boys of my home just shake their heads at me. Let 'em...right? I am the only girl in the Magnuson household therefore I am automatically "DIVA". It's a given!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...
Doubling?!?!?!? OH MY Goodness. Thankfully I ordered a whole lot of storage boxes that Patter enabled me on. LOL. How about some more sentiments like your singles but scaled down just a bit? How about some single words in an amazing font/design such as Friend, Love, Forever, Believe, Wish, Celebrate. I know it's been done but I can only imagine that yours would rock (like Phil Collins as my good friend Dee would say!).

Email me! I will send you your goodies!

Tomorrow ELIZEBETH will grace us with her creations ONCE AGAIN! I can't wait to see what she made this time! Amazing, I tell you...check back!

Kit of the Month!
We are dwindling down to just 6 days left to get July's KOM!
"'s the little things"
will go into retirement at unity after 7/31/2008.
Go here to sign up for the KOM.
{we will send July's out RIGHT AWAY}
You have the option each month as to whether or not you would like to participate!

Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Watchout Wednesday - LaTisha Yoast...Come on Down!

My DT LOVES LaTisha! Can you see why?

Made with Butterfly Beauty. Splendid!

Made with Tiny Trinity: Amazing & in my booth at CHA

Made with EcoChic: Chic it is!

Due to the fact that we have found someone SO SPLENDID and she was full of AMAZING information: I am pasting it right into my blog. I know she was not sure about sharing so much of herself, but I LOVE that about her. We just never know who we are helping by opening up. I am so impressed with your story and your strength, LaTisha..

So...THANK YOU, LaTisha! I truly admire your work and your amazing are inspiration through and through!

Here's LaTisha! {read...and appreciate "the little things"}

My full name is Latisha Yoast My husband Jesse is in the US Navy so we move around quite a bit, but I love it. My two cute patooties are my daughter Kendall who is twelve and my son Jacob who is seven.
When I was a little girl our home burned down. I was just a little girl, I remember how devastated my Mother was. I don't have a lot of photos of myself when I was a baby to about 9yrs, but the ones I do have, have been given to me from family members. Pictures mean everything to me, its the one thing that you cannot replace.
When my daughter was a baby I got invited to a Creative Memories show, and I remember being so excited. From that moment on my pictures went into photo safe albums, you never know when something is going to happen, and I want all of my pictures is one place, so that I can grab them and go. This is when I became obsessed with paper and stickers.
I got into stamping when my husband was about to go on his first deployment. I wanted to send him with a bunch of cards, so I went to Hallmark every so often and picked up a few at a time {cards are expensive!} One day one of my girl friends said to stop buying cards and come over to her house and we will stamp. This was the start of a beautiful thing.
Right after 911 is when I started to feel sick. After many many many tests, I now knew a name for what I had, Crohn's Disease, there is no cure for it, they don't know how people get it, they can only treat your symptoms. For some reason my body attacks itself. The Dr.'s could not get my disease into remission, I really really thought I was going to die and my babies who were one and five at the time would never remember me. I was in unimaginable pain, and was so weak but I was determined to fight for my life, this was not going to be the end of my road. This quote really means something to me
"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face, you must do the thing which you think you cannot do"
Eleanor Roosevelt

I was in the hospital about an hour away from my husband and children, so I had Jess bring me some of my scrap booking and stamping supplies. I wanted to be able to do something creative when I was feeling better, also do more journaling, I wanted there to be more depth in my pages. Journaling is so much more important than any embellishment.

I would never wish Crohn's Disease onto anyone, but it has been a blessing. It has made me a better mom, wife and friend. When you go through rough things or even like me almost lose your life, it puts everything into perspective and changes your soul. Simply.. I don't take anything for granted.

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much"
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I am one of those people who LOVE life, I'm a glass half full type of person. I don't waste time on negative things, there is too much living to be done. So I take inspiration from flowers, music, food, fabric...beautiful things.

How did LaTisha come to LOVE Unity?
I found Unity, when Beate did the card with the dragonfly from Butterfly Beauty, OMG such a beautiful card :) I needed that stamp. I went to the Unity website and they were not yet selling them, or you had to get a catalog or something...I just couldn't get them. Then Unity became a member company I was so happy. How great, stamps that you could scrap book or make cards with...Genius! The perfect combo. Unity stamps are so fun to play with, I just love them. I started out with a "b" handle, Butterfly Beauty and some singles. I now have all of the handles, around 12 kits and 4 singles. They are designed well with lots of variety and the company has really great customer service, My favorite Unity sets are Butterfly Beauty, Eco-Chic, & Tiny Trinity. Giggle Grove is on my must have list! It really easy to create beautiful things using your stamps.
Other than stamping I like to cook, sew, make jewelry, go to the beach and have fun...oh and I like to shop and love coffee. I love life and with all of the ups and downs I have had in my life I am really happy with where my journey has taken me so far.


Wow. Right?!

{btw, LaTisha...EVERYONE loved your card at CHA!}

Coming Attractions at Unity:

Thursday: More "Behind the Scenes" at Unity - we will announce the


{be sure to post a comment below on the post below to qualify!}

See me at SCRAPJAZZ this week! Patter Cross, one of my amazing DT Members interviewed me and published it on their sight! Take a peek!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DT Tuesday - Featuring our SPARKY Heather Brown!

How cute are these?!
Heather Brown {Unity DT Member}
is the ultra talented gal that brought them from thought to creation.

This adorable little assembly of stamps is made with "Wild & Crazy Bunch". These stamps were drawn by Unity artist Kristine Bents.

This vibrant beauty is made with Unity Stamp Set "Fantastical Floral"

These two card showcase Unity's July Kit of the Month "'s the little things". This kit is available through July 31, 2008 and then will be retired FOREVER AND EVER! So sign up for the Kit of the Month via this link to get this adorable set. They are only going to get more tempting! Great things to come!
When you sign up today, July Kit of the Month will be on it's way immediately. Limited Time only!

Heather has a trendy style. She puts together her cards with all kinds of little extras and blends them right into her creation beautifully. Here color choices are unique, and I just adore that quality of design that she has. The Unity team is encouraged by Heather's generosity and adventure to branch out with new ideas to be sure the everyone knows just how wonderful our products are! I get an email from Heather that reads, "As always let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you!! I am here for ya!! " every week! Thank you Heather! You are an addition to the team that is appreciated each day!

Due to my sincere appreciation for daily inspiration I ask each DT Member to share their favorite quotes/versus/poems/ song lyrics, etc. Here is Heather's choice:

The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."

Zephaniah 3:17

I find great joy and strength in the Bible and is something that I lean on daily for my strength and motivation.
~Heather Brown

We will show some more amazing talent for Watch Out Wednesday tomorrow! We found a lovely gal with an amazing story of strength and persistence.

Lot's of Fun in my post from YESTERDAY!

******Did someone say BLOG CANDY?*****
Oh! I think it was me!
We are releasing 3 NEW KITS soon!

One of them is the KIT WITH THE TREE that had its DEBUT at CHA! Remember the TREE?
Would you like one?

Go to my website, take a look around - and tell me what I am missing as far as stamps. Unity is in the process of doubling our inventory...I need your opinions!

I will pick a winner on Thursday! You will be the FIRST ONE outside of my DT to get this kit! HOW FUN IS THAT?!

Enjoy your evening!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The fact of the story is this....CHA produces DREAMS COME TRUE!

Once upon a time....there was a husband and wife that had a dream. For years, they were persistent in making a vision come true. A dream of "Unity".
Thanks to that persistance, their faith, and the help of an amazing person - that dream manifested into reality. This is one of the Unity Guys, Gus...he is very encouraging and supportive. He has played a huge part in helping us pursue our vision of a perfect "Unity"
....because of all these circumstances finally coming together we now have the very proof that "dreams do come true" - Isn't that a beautiful thing?

As our company grew, we needed more help...and along came cutie patootie - Unity Guy, "Broman" {Ryan}. We love having him as part of the Unity team. He came into our lives at the very moment we needed him and has been an amazing addition to the team. He is cooking all your rubber stamps, ladies! Unity did their first release in May, my AMAZING friend Brooke came to my rescue. She could see me spreading myself thin and came to my aid. She is so beautiful inside and out, and I am blessed to have her in my life. She is F-U-N, fun. Thanks Brookie!

Here you will see her with one of my original GIRLS Robyn. My Robyn came running with hugs and love. She has been supportive from the very beginning. Thank you Sweetie!
MY Unity Guy is Christian. He is my rock, and keeps me moving in the right direction. He brings me up when I crumble {yes! I have those days}. I love this man...his energy brightens not only my life, but all who cross his path. Can I get a little HIP HOP?!

So this man is MULTI-Talented. He took my vision one short month ago and with the help of Broman and our guy Tom brought it to reality. THANKS are amazing!

The Unity Booth came together. It took the hands and help of several people but in only 12 hours, I was able to comfortably leave the building and look forward to opening day of CHA Summer 2008.
AJ, Me, Kara, Brooke, & Robyn. My girls.

Is that Jen Erickson! YES! Shut Up! It is TRUE!!!! How adorable is she? Look at those BEAUTIFUL EYES! Jen is a teacher...I am sure EVERY year her little students FALL IN LOVE with her. THANK YOU Jen for all your help!

AJ, Angela, Brooke, and Jen. We are all decked out in our Polka Dots. We connected and LOVED each other immediately. These girls are all incredible people. I had a tummy ache, we laughed so hard. I think we were asked if we were sisters at least 5 times! Sistahs indeed!

Is she the cutest gal ever? I know, and she is as sweet as she looks. Jen, I hope we did not scare you! I felt you fit right in, and having you with Unity at CHA was nothing short of perfect!

Can I just tell you I had to go in the bathroom and cry when AJ left on Sunday? She is not only my Design Team Coordinator, but has become my close friend. I love this girl. She has helped me, and supported me 100%. As Unity weaves its path there are small bits of inconsistent decisions and AJ has helped me figure things out. She keeps Unity moving forward with patience and persistence. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Yep, it is the Unity Guys. How FUN are they....can I get another HIP HOP?!

My Diva Friend. She was Stellar and AMAZING! She is spreading the word of Unity and even crowned all of us as DIVA'S for the weekend. We are soon releasing DIVA SETS in her honor, thus the TIARA! The first 2 sets are Diva-lish & Have a DIVA Day! THANK YOU Daniel. You were a delight to have in the Unity Booth! Your support is so very much appreciated!

The Unity Crew.
Here is my hope for you. That you follow your Dreams. I did, and with support and conviction they become more a part of my reality every day. The very best part of it is that I can confirm the following.... God has a plan MUCH BIGGER than what you can possibly dream for yourself. I had my focus on our product and building a huge business - yet out of all of that I have been blessed with rich relationships. The opportunity that Unity offers is endless for so many. It just gives and gives, there is no end in sight. All I can do is say WOW! - Enjoy the moment and look forward to the GRAND path ahead!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DT Tuesday - Featuring our Patter Cross!

It is Design Team Tuesday!
...and TODAY we are happy to SHOW OFF
I luv Patter! Her work is Unique, BRIGHT, and simply put inspiration to the eyes!
Patter is amazing and her support of Unity is appreciated beyond words.

This card was made with Whimsy Flowers from Unity.
Make it a GOOD DAY.
That is the one for me, today...let me tell you!
I will need to MAKE it a good day, and I did not get a WINK of sleep last night. CHA is kicking my behind! I think I may start planning for WINTER CHA next Monday!
I do love that sentiment, though! Really it is that simple. It was created as part of the Unity Kit in honor of Chris's mother. She stopped in one day when Unity was just starting and said...I read something really nice today and it just made sense; "Make it a good day..." - Simple. So I used it in this kit.
This was made with Flirty Flowers. This is one of my favorite kits and will be used with our Make-n-Takes at CHA. It was created by the talented Cassie Medema.
Do ya love em? Let Patter know!
Here is a bit about our gal o'the day!
Introducing Patter:
{she used the following comments when she applied for my DT, and I am sneaking it on the blog - I hope that is alright, Patter!}
I have been married to the love of my life, Michael, since 1989. I was first introduced to scrapbooking in 1997, three years after our identical triplet girls were born. I am totally addicted. Paper crafting is my passion, my outlet for relaxation, and my joy. I love to alter books, make mini books, create cards, and organize! Sometimes I think I spend more time organizing my scrapbook stash than scrapping. That is what happens I guess when you love to buy scrapbook supplies like I do!

I also design for Create My Keepsake and Inspire Me Card Kits, I am a contributing author for Scrapjazz, I have my own sketch blog, and I am also a challenge leader for Faith Sisters. I have been published in Cards and in several online articles.

My wonderful husband, Michael, knows that scrapbooking is what keeps his wife happy so he is always there to make sure I get my scrapping time. Yes, I am blessed. And besides taking care of my precious daughters, I also teach Lamaze and Infant Massage for a large hospital, and I am in leadership in Bible Study Fellowship.
I adore Patter's Faith. She has shared the following Bible Verse as her
"favorite quote"
“Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.”
Isaiah 40:28a

Comforting to say the least, don't you think? I was inspired by Patter's love of bible quotes, and I know that there are NOT MANY BIBLICAL stamps out there, so I asked her to share some MORE of her favorites with me.
My attempt is to put a kit of biblical quotes together by September as an added bonus to the line of Unity Stamps.
I will pick some of her favorites and some of my own and attempt to build a phenomenal kit out of it.
Thanks Patter for the inspiration.
Be sure to take a little stroll over to Patter's Blog for more inspiration. Cute, adorable, creations over there!
Well, it is going to be SHORT and SWEET today, girls. I still have a MILLION things to do prior to 4 a.m. when the Unity Clan hits the road.
I may be back later!
Stay tuned for TONS of Pictures from CHA!
Hooray, Hooray!

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