Our joyous Christmas experience....

Christmas Eve.
Mom & Dads House.
Amazing Gourmet meal a'la my mother.
Time Together.

Santa visits every year.
This group of kiddos made it on the "nice" list this year!
This is all my boys as well as my brother's children {my niece & nephews}
Jordan, Little Jackson and Cassie.
The kids LOVE this moment every year - even the big kids.
Sawyer didn't loose that grin on his face all evening. It was a perma - grin at its best!

Luke got a kick out of Santa!
Of course the ever humiliating part of HAVING to sit on his lap comes every year.
The older boys are great sports about it!

My mother is a gourmet cook. She put together a Christmas Eve feast that left all of us looking for the nearest couch, pillow and blanket. It was so yummy!

All my boys lined up enjoying the feast.
Luke & his Papa.
I never thought my little children would be taller than their Papa.
Looks like the time has come for that!

James amongst all the chaos of gift opening and excited children.
Lucky kid recieved some headphones for shot gun shooting to protect his ears.
It came in handy for Christmas Eve as well!
Nic bought everyone gifts this year. He had so much fun shopping for his family. He spoiled us with picking out JUST the right item for everyone. He thought this T-Shirt fit his dad perfectly. I think there are many that would have to agree! It says "Mr. Happy".
My Life.
They are all so good to me.
My 5 amazing guys.
I could not ask for one thing more.
It is my hope that each and every single one of you had a joyous Christmas experience with those you love and adore.

Now we are on to a New Year.
Full of exciting opportunities.
The chance to begin again.
Each year better.
Anything is possible.
I love that.
Here we come!

Sneak Peek of January Kit of the Month to be shown in my second post of the day.
I will be back a little later!
{sneak peek & final decision!}