Wednesday, November 19, 2008

WOW! Lindsay Spencer, my FAB new ARTIST and Friend!

What a neat gal. I am telling you. It is so strange in this Internet world how the energy of a person comes through. Lindsay drew my attention in her directions very easily. I adore her style, her faith, her creations, and her artistic flair. I appreciate her willingness to help and so much more about her. Thanks, Lindsay - you are a fabulous person.
See the circled IMAGES? Lindsay CREATED THESE!
Only $24.00!

The moment these hit my inbox I knew they were "Unity Style" - what is this style you ask? Honestly I can't put it into words exactly. Unique, fresh, original and well...."universal" - something that a good portion of people would look at and feel they could create marvelous pieces! That tree - I have seen some of my FAVORITE creations pop up in the last couple days using that tree. LOVE IT! Thank you Lindsay!

Created by Lindsay with
Butterfly Beauty and Becoming Butterfly
(Becoming Butterfly is a SINGLE and Butterfly Beauty is a KIT)

a BIT a BOUT Lindsay!
I am a crafting, creating, Unity junkie.
I love creating new things every day, and look forward to what's next.
How did you find Unity Stamps?
I was asked by my dear friend Tanis to come to HIP HOP the day it was Bring a Friend Day.
I never left.
What is your favorite Kit?
My favorite kit so far is the Daisy Days kit. I won it on Hip Hop, and use it all the time.
Do you have a fave color combo?
As I looked through my projects, I realized I don't have a pattern of colors I always use, but I would have to say I love any shade of light blue with brown. ( i think i may see a pattern today, Lindsay! :)
What inspires you?
Other peoples art work. Not just paper crafting, but just art in general.
I love to see what comes from other peoples imagination, it sparks the creative process in my own imagination.
Do you have a favorite quote?
I always think of something my late Uncle used to say:
"If nothing changes, nothing changes."
-Gary Phillips
(ok...that may be one of my NEW FAVES! - and I am sure my DT won't disagree!)
It's very simple, if you need a change, then change.
what sort of music do you enjoy while crafting??
All kinds. I love anything that makes me want to "shake it".
If I could dance and craft all day, that would be the life!
are you reading any books at the moment?
I've been tempted to start the Twilight Series, but have resisted, despite the numerous times I've picked the book up at the store. I just KNOW it would consume me. (Had you read it, Friday would seem like a HOLIDAY to you! LOL - You will cave, I know it!)

Created by Lindsay
with Sweet ZZZ's
(Sold as a single)

Created by Lindsay
with Beautiful Life.
(this particular stamp is sold in a KIT or as a SINGLE)

Thank you for sharing your talents sweet lady! Looking forward to TONS MORE!

CLICK HERE to visit Lindsays BLOG!


Alright...Focusing....what do I need to tell everyone?........

Lynn Warner Challenge.
Check it out HERE!
Participation will be fun for HIP HOP next WEDNESDAY- due to the fact Thursday is THANKSGIVING!

Come see us in the Forum this evening for some FUN!
SNEAK PEEKS on the NEWEST Unity Stamps
a Hip Hop Eve prize
or TWO
and advanced info on Hip Hop Specials!!

....a little birdie told me.....
Unity is starting a Scrapbooking Design Team!
....details pending!
Official POSTING coming soon!

Don't forget!
upper left of my blog!
Click on ROBYN - Combat Cropper!
She used our NEWEST SET today!
Our Life, Our Stories!
Leave some LOVE! Blog Candy to be announced HIP HOP Thursday evening!

OK...what else....what else....

HHH = Hip Hop Hangover
Do a project with Unity - Post it on your blog - send me the link!
I will put your link on my blog on Friday!

I think that is all...if not - I will post again later!

My mom has made LUNCH for the Peeps at Unity!
She is such a sweetie!


Olde Country Creations said...

Lindsay, is SO creative, isn't she?!! She goes beyond just making a card or a LO. Everything she does has SO much creativity in it. LOVE her style and she is a sweetie too.

Jacqueline said...

Lindsey ROCKS!! Love the new stamps in the KOTM, I might have to start with this month! Thank you Lindsey for your wonderful talents and contributions to this company!!

Tanis said...

Yay Lindsay!
You're my **hero**.
Congrats, you SO deserve all of this.

Lindsay Spencer said...

Okay, yes, I see it. Blue and green. And often a brown with it. Wow! I do use that a lot. I used it on my blog again today!! Thanks for all the super sweet comments. I {heart} Unity right back!

Gretchen said...

Lindsay is just fabulous! Her style is so beautiful- I can't wait to get my KOTM!

Amy said...

Love Lindsay's work, it's always so beautiful! I always forget to come back and leave a comment here since I have that feedblitz thing and I get your posts by email...There are always so many amazing things here and I'm constantly inspired by all the amazing work that your stamps inspire...let me just leave you a thought from the land of Budweiser..."I love you man"

Jenn said...

I love Lindsay's tree! Can't wait to get my hands all inked up with it! Keep those beautiful stamps coming!

Ashley said...

EEEEEEEEK! What a great choice! I love love love Lindsay and she is so utterly talented! Yay for Linds!

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