Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight Mania....Silly, but FUN.- ReCap/Review.

The history of this TWILIGHT obsession of mine....
Nic is my oldest son.
and wonderful!
He had the opportunity to work in Alaska this summer.
We sent him off in July for 6 weeks.
He is not a big reader.
When you are in Alaska - it is a good time to read on your down time.
At the airport the day we sent him off I found TWILIGHT in the bookstore and thought he might find it interesting.
JUST IN CASE he did, I bought him NEW MOON as well.
He was there 1 week and he had finished BOTH BOOKS - so I went on the Internet and bought him the next book in line...
By the time he was home he had finished all 4 books and INSISTED I would LOVE them.
Yep....I saw 3 AM several nights in a row and I completed the series in less than a week.
So as you can well imagine - Nic and I have been waiting for the movie to release.
He made plans with his friends and I with mine.
BUT! As fate would have it I GOT TO SEE IT WITH HIM SATURDAY! Nic, my mom and I went! It was their first, my second. It was SO FUN!
So what did I think?
The FIRST time I saw it....I picked it apart the entire time I watched. I went over each character and compared them to my personal "Twilight" that played in my mind as I read the book. I was torn between what I had envisioned compared to the vision of the people that made the movie and the actors and actresses that were chosen. HOWEVER...I was entertained. Who wouldn't be with the beauty on the screen and the colors they chose to film the movie in. The "feel" they gave the movie, just by taking the visual color to the different tone was brilliant. Did you notice that?
The SECOND time I went....I LOVED it. I was able to watch it APART from the novel. It was a MOVIE...not a comparison. I watched it from the perspective of a person that had NOT read the book. This made a new impression on me and I left the theatre appreciating what the movie brought to the big screen.
TWO Favorite Scenes:
The Meadow...of course.
Meeting the Cullen family in their Beautiful Home
and I loved the Baseball Scene
oh...and the bonding scenes where he played the piano...liked that one too.
TWO Scenes they should have DONE OVER:
When Bella went cross eyed as Edward was sucking the Venom out. Both Edward and Bella OVERPLAYED that one. Not Good.
The HOSPITAL was like Bella forgot her lines. Her face and her acting WAS NOT GOOD there. I wanted to shout DO OVER! DO OVER!
Character Opinions:
Edward: Looked like a young Elvis. Perfect Choice!
Bella: Stunning. Love this Choice!
Alice: Adorable. Perfect.
Emmet: Perfect
Jaspere: Perfect
Rosalie: A little off for me, but she played it well.
Dr. Cullen: Nope. Didn't work for me.
Esme: Perfect
James: Perfect
Victoria: Perfect
Bella's Dad: NOPE wasn't what I thought - But I liked him a lot
Jacob: Bad WIG. What was that? He was a great choice, but they needed to do something about that wig.
Jacob's Dad: Perfect
OK...I am running out of CHARACTER brain is not working - the others were just fine.

This is SO off of the subject of Stamping.
Tomorrow is Monday!
It is going to be a FABULOUS week with Unity!
Maybe...we will even hit the STAMPING TOP 50?
Do you think?
Help me out! Bring your friends to be our friends.
Who wouldn't want to hang out with us!
We are a great group!

Should be a FUN conversation about TWILIGHT!


Nancy the Romancechick said...

I went to see it last night with my daughter, 19, who is obsessed. I mean, she went the night before with her friends and left the house at 4 for a 7 pm showing and was so excited all day she left her dorm without a coat in 40 degree weather.

I read all four books. Wasn't obsessed as I felt Edward was a mind-game playing stalker in the first book. Also, as an author, I had some other issues. However, I loved the fourth book. Still have some issues (the wives should have had more to do after such a big point was made about "even the wives are coming), and I didn't really like that Bella got everything she wanted without any sacrifice, but whatever.

Impressions of the movie:

I liked Edward MUCH better.
No real issues with any actor choices and I didn't really have anyone in my head, except Charlie, in my mind was shorter, heavier and grayer, but the actor was okay for me.
Billy was PERFECT - exactly like I pictured.
Jasper looked like a crazed maniac and I didn't like that at all.
Didn't like the baseball scene in the book - loved it in the movie.
Still not crazy about the sparkle stuff and the wind chime noises when Edward was in the sun truly have to go - both my daughter and I thought it was EXTREMELY distracting and odd.
Rosalie didn't strike me as the most beautiful woman in the world like she was portrayed in the book - though Esme was prettier.
The vampires dancing around Jasper's fire freaked me out a little.
Why did Edward have to be the one to suck the venom out of Bella, given his problem? Carlisle clearly had mastered his blood thing and he was right there. Seems to me he could have done it.

Anyway, I liked it better than I thought and truly loved some of the subtle acting (Jacob seeing Edward at the prom was fabulous) and the foreshadowing of the rest of the series was good.

AJ said...

I agree with most of this- Rosalie- right on- she did NOT FIT!! She was not at jaw dropping gorgeous as the book portrayed her.

I actually liked Carlisle- he was a bit too young, but handsome.;)

and Esme- not as endearing as the book, however, acceptable.

I did find some of the parts disappointing, only because Stephanie Meyer went in to *such* detail, and it is impossible to follow up like that in the movie.

all in all, I liked it and will go see it again!!!!

akane0407 said...

I totally agree with the hospital scene. My friends and I were talking about that after we watched it. I thought Robert Pattison did a great job, but the actress that played Bella not so much. I just didn't feel that she was into him like he was into her. Didn't feel the love like in the book. It was entertaining though.

Lindsay Spencer said...

You are so fun Angela. You gave a great review, you should be on that show, Ebert and Roper? is that what it's called? I am torn on whether I should see the movie or read the book first.

Jennifer Buck said...

Right there with you...except for Jaspere...he always had the strangest look on his friend kept calling him 'Edward Scissor Hands'...that didn't help any! :) I am planning on going again. I am hoping that it won't be so giggly the next time! TFS! :)

Rita said...

Hi Angela -- I rarely post comments but I visit Unity all the time! Love your stuff!

I just had to comment on Twilight. I was kind of disappointed in the movie and it almost makes me sad. Loved the books -- and I wanted to LOVE the movie. But I didn't. I keep thinking if I watch it a second time, maybe I'll like it more.

I was disappointed by several things that were left out or changed for the movie (the meadow scene was not quite right for me). And I TOTALLY agree with you on the Bella/Edward overacting in the venom scene. That was painful! LOL And the movie needed more of the Cullens -- Alice especially!

And while I like most of the soundtrack -- I thought the choices for WHERE they played the music were strange at times.

The baseball was a favorite scene of mine as well!

Ah was alright. Maybe I was too hopeful! :)

Josette said...

I went to see last night and I really liked it. There were times my friends and I were like did they let teenages direct and pick the actors but I thought overall it was great. Maybe in the sequal the actors will have had more experience behind them and will really do a even better job. Cant wait for that one to hit the theater.

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Awww.........look at your boy!!!! My ds is gonna be 16 next month......where does that time go??? I'm so glad you got some fantastical, wonderful, happy YOU time!!!! And we'll all make this coming week a superfantabulous one for Unity!!!!! :)

Ravengirl said...

la, la, la, la, la! I am only 2/3 of the way through Twilight. Yep, I know that I am behind the times. I had to shush two of my girlfriends last night that were talking about the 4th book!

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