Sunday "time".

Thanks Susan!
A friend of ours found this shirt.
Alright....I need one.
No...I REALLY need one!
I just had to put in on the blog tonight.

Brooke & AJ keep trying to talk me into Unity APPAREL.
I may need to consider it now!
The big guys all went hunting this weekend.
Out to the hunting shack they went.
Sawyer and Mom hung out.
It was nice.
"Mom...." he says...." I just want to spend time" - so that is what we did.
We made pumpkin bread,
we went to a movie,
we went to church and out to breakfast....and just spent TIME.
It was nice.
Now it is evening -
we are waiting for dinner to cook.
Then off to start a FANTASTIC week at Unity!
Enjoy your time.