Monday Night Football = Blog Post #2 on Monday.

It is Monday Night.
That means Chris and Ryan are watching football.
Football is not so entertaining to me.
Picture time!
This was actually the LAST photo of the evening.
Little Sawyer was TIRED!
Nic was such a great guy to go along with me while his littlest brother went
If you ask Sawyer if he has a girlfriend, he will tell you he does.
To him it is like...."DUH! - It's Kaitlen - don't you know"
Katilens mother shared with me that it has been declared within their household that Sawyer is not her "friend" ANYMORE!
He is her BOYfriend.
This is my dear, dear friend Sabrina. She lives RIGHT next door to me and she is WONDERFUL! Her son (who just happens to be the cutest red head boy I have ever seen) and Sawyer are buddies. We walked together down the block with the boys to ring the doorbells for TRICK OR TREATS!

Nic & Sawyer.
Poor Nic kept getting asked if he was dressed up as a Jailbird! To Funny!
This is his normal clothing. LOL.

......on to the evening......the Unity Crew hit the town among more FABULOUS friends.
I have 67 pictures. These are of the folks you know at Unity! - minus GUS.

Bro was the Marlboro Man. Chaps and All!

Are bats this beautiful?! They are if their name is Eryn! WOW!

Chris found a sweet little angel to adore...

Fun Night. Love Halloween.