DT Tuesday! Showcasing ALL MY GIRLS Today!

Blog Post #1
{another will follow with the rest later today!}
I wanted to go back and bring some fun projects back to the limelight!
In doing so I am going to take a moment to showcase a project from each one of my Unity Girls.
They are so good to me, and at the risk of sounding redundant - I just need to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - to each one of them for ALL THE EFFORTS and PATIENCE they show in support of our growth.
21 Girls of Talent.
Jen Buck
Wanna Be a Cowboy
AJ Otto
Fall Festival
Jeanne Streiff

Patter Cross
Almighty God Single

Maren Benedict
Tiny Trinity
Jimmi Mayo
Move Mountains Single

Heather Brown
October Kit of the Month ".....thinking of the Good Times!"
Christi Snow
Mix up of Cuteness
Laura Williams

Showing more projects in a bit from more DT Members Extrodianire:
Robyn Weatherspoon
Jen Erickson
Brooke Lien
Heather Mellstrom
Chelsea Cook
Amber Hight
Lindsey Rickett
Natalie Dever
Wendy Chang
Niki Meiners
Sara Martinez
Pay attention to the blog posts this week! - They will be tied in with HIP HOP!
Hip Hopping off to lunch - be back later with more DT Goodness!