Watchout Wednesday - Ramsey - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday - Ramsey!
wow. 22.
so young.
so beautiful.
I hope you go out and have a HUGE amount of FUN!
Ramsey is so very sweet.
She joined HIP HOP for the first time a few weeks ago.
RIGHT AWAY took it upon herself to SPOIL us ALL at Unity with a basket of CHOCOLATE!
It was a memorable day - let me tell you!
We were all hyped up on chocolate and had a very BIG ENERGY level for HIP HOP!
It was gone immediately!
{a few tid bits from my girl Ramsey}
Well...on Wednesday I will be 22! What a great birthday present to be showcased on Unity!
I live in the snowy state of Wyoming!
I am a mom to a gorgeous 17 mo. old son ~ Tryzmen.
I recently got engaged at the end of July.
Giggle Grove
artist Kristine Bents
How did you find Unity Stamps?
I saw a card on someones blog that used Cupcakes A'La Yummy and HAD to have it! The next thing I knew...I had fallen in love!
What is your favorite Kit?
It's sooo hard to pick just one! Right now I LOVE Giggle Grove, but Cupcakes A'La Yummy would have to be my favorite since it's what got me addicted to Unity in the first place!
Just Be
artist Cassie Medema
Do you have a fave color combo??
Pink and green most definitely!.....or pink and black or pink a brown....or brown and teal......I'm VERY indecisive when it comes to favorites!
What inspires you??
Oh my goodness! I am truly inspired by all sorts of things.
A piece of paper with a business card glued to it is inspiring to me!
I get TONS of inspiration from, of course, the FABULOUS UNITY DT and their customers as well.
I have met(cyber speaking) some of the greatest peeps!
I truly am inspired by Angela and Chris as they have taken a dream and ran with it or "grabbed life by the horns." I would love to have a business where I could work with my family and greatest friends.
{It is a dream come true! Thanks for the sweet words!}
September Kit of the Month from Unity
Friendship. Love. Miracles.
these stamps created by: Kristine Bents & Elizabeth Neuman
Do you have a favorite quote?
Actually I have a favorite verse and a favorite quote:
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him,and he will make your paths straight.
- Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)
AND one of my favorite quotes..although there are hundreds....
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
- Coco Chanel
What sort of music do you enjoy while crafting??
Oh goodness....I listen to everything from the Legally Blonde Musical soundtrack to AC/DC to ZZ Top to George Strait!..and an occasional beat from Bean's (Brooke) blog! ......I can't get enough of music!
Are you reading any books at the moment?
THE TWILIGHT SERIES!!!!! OF COURSE! I am ALMOST done with Eclipse....I have been reading it the longest of the 3 (going on a month!WHAT?!?!), but I have already bought Breaking Dawn and took a peek!
Team Edward or Team Jacob?
I'm in a love triangle with the 2 of them...I can't decide....

Be sure to take a peek at Ramsey's BLOG and GALLERY for more FUN!
Be sure to wish her Happy Birthday while you are there!

Are you ready for a little HIP HOP?!
You may want to BRING YOUR FRIENDS!
Every NEW UNITY CUSTOMER will get a FREE LARGE SINGLE STAMP with their first order!
No minimum order amount!
we are having way too much fun - if that is even possible!
Cindy Lawrence & Lisa Zappa
The cards you sent me were BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks so much for taking the time to send them - very much appreciated!