Mix Up Monday! NEW Unity Tradition!

Monday is a day for getting the week set up here at Unity!
I try to start thinking about HIP HOP Thursday, although most Mondays my attention is taken in a thousand different directions!
I would like to start MIX UP Monday.
This is a day I will pick some creations off the SPLITCOAST Thread or consider projects that have been sent to my inbox for my Unity Blog.
I am trying to get more exposure to all my customers who create such FABULOUS cards and pages with Unity Stamps!
I am also going to show off all the beautiful cards that I get in the mail at times! Who KNEW that I would start getting the most unbelievable SNAIL MAIL in the WORLD! I am so, so lucky!
I used one of Jessica Russell's card to give to my Sister in Law for her baby shower this weekend. It fit PERFECTLY!
{jess is was the REMEMBER HAPPINESS one with the scamp and the butterflies! SO CUTE!}
I also used one made by Theresa Shaw for my Mother this weekend. It was a THANK YOU card with the "Birds of a Feather" stamp!
{she LOVED it Theresa!}
SO a HUGE THANK YOU to the gals that share their talent! We have a box here at Unity that people can use and they get used A TON! We appreciate it!
LAURA WILLIAMS! I received your cards today along with the organza bags!!!!
Mix Up Monday!
I picked these ALL BY MY LONESOME
....'cause I LOVE THEM!

Maggie did this incredible card with August Kit of the Month "Remember Happiness!"

Lindsay used Fanciful Dots and the sentiment from Growing in Unity to complete this project!

Tanis made "Sweet ZZZ's" come to life with this card. Amazing! I love it!

Julie used the "Move Mountains" for this soothing and beautiful card! Stunning!
The talent of this world astounds me more and more every day!
I hope that each and every person you give your cards to appreciates the love that goes into the very creation of them. I have been to auctions with boxes of cards that were simply "printed" from the 1920's that go for hundreds of dollars. Even though we still have printed cards everywhere! I look at these creations and I envision that these handcrafted cards will one day be priceless - simply from the creative aspect of things! Continue to create - you people are amazing!
2 New KIT Releases this week at Unity
2 New SINGLE Releases as well!
I will be posting a LIST of all the prizes that will be given away at HIP HOP in the Splitcoast Forum soon!
Hey! My girl PATTER is doing a CHALLENGE on
Take a peek HERE to play along!