Thursday, October 9, 2008

Men at WORK.

Introducting Unity Boys Line Up of HIP HOP CARDS!

Gus made this 1985 Hip Hop Card
Miss Dotty Alphabet
Old Skool
Numbers from BIG BELLY & Hot Mama
Ryan made this Wild Wild West Card

Christian made this Did You Know...IT'S HIP HOP!? Card

Time to VOTE!
Go HERE in Splitcoast to CAST YOUR VOTE!
Gus feeling "Pretty Dang Good" about his FIRST OFFICIAL Hip Hop Card!


Chris said...

Yeah Unity Boys!!

scraphag said...

ooohjhhhhhhhh,,,,,,the boys

AJ said...

oh my LORD- GUS is A NUT!
soooo funny!!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

LOLOL..........sooooooooo fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys should be proud of yourself, they all look great.

9kids said...

Talented guys ~ and I thought my hubby was the only one who stamped!

Linsey said...

I'm sorry--that is TOO FUNNY!!! I knew I adored Unity for many reasons, but I never thought dudes making cards would be one of 'em!! It is SO FUN to see the guys really gettin' into it! I Love it! And I love all three of their cards here! Each is super special and wonderfully delightful in its own way! However, I'm gonna have to go with Gus's old school stunner! I really love the design and his detailing is fab! I mean *glitter*--c'mon! He rocks! And so do ALL of the Unity guys! HIP HOP! :)

Linsey said...

PS for Gus--word to ya motha, YO!

sideshow stamps said...

Way to go, guys! Those cards are awesome. Both cool but I really love the Wild West card and the use of cowboy paisley!

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