Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hip Hop BLOG CHANGE day!

16 minutes and counting!
...this is me planning ahead- NOT!
i am horrible!
i get here in on the morning of hip hop and say
"hmmmm....what shall we do for HIP HOP today?"
then i decide.
saying i work well under pressure is an understatement....people tolerate me.
i feel so loved. :)
I love HIP HOP DAY!!!! Don't you?????
Here we go -
this post is going to seem a little out of whack because THAT is how my pictures loaded and i am just going to WORK WITH IT!
new single o' the day
Monarchical Flourish Frame
by Amy Baas
I chose this one, because the BRAND NEW SENTIMENT set will fit just PERFECTLY right inside this frame. I love that!
Next best thing you ask?
WELL today it is making it is releasing AND it is on SALE!
Only 3 bucks, my ladies!
Release Price: $3.00
Regular Price: $6.00
Did you see this? Unity in Scrapbooks, Etc.
We are feeling famous - Hee. Hee.
What? Did they say GENIUS? They DID! Scrapbooks, Etc. said Unity's Stamping System is...and I quote "PURE GENIUS" - Can you hear me jumping up and down squealing? I was so very very happy when Brooke showed me this! OK. I'm done rambling. Fun Stuff.

8 minutes and counting!!!!! TILL HIP HOP! Yikes! I need to type fast!
Here is a size comparison to a quarter of these new SENTIMENTS that one of my LOVELY DT MEMBERS created JUST for World Card Making Day!
She is amazing!

8 sentiments As shown here. FANTABULOUS job, my dear AJ!
SALE on these today too!

It has been awhile since you have scene one of THESE! Random SPECIAL!
A mere 20 bucks!
$20.00 gets you all these adorable stamps!
Regular Price:
OK so I am going to change my blog up a couple MORE times today! I have stuff to show you girls and I know you are going to be around for HIP HOP to see!
Leave some love - where there is love there are prizes and that is JUST A LITTLE HINT!
Prizes given away HERE every half hour till MIDNIGHT! Come join the fun!
See in the forums!
FINISHED with 2 minutes to SPARE EVEN!


Jacqueline said...

wow great specials Angela!

Kristen said...

awesome specials Angela! hip hop!

JenMarie said...

Love the new goodies!!!

Tiffany Johnson said...

Great specials!!!

Paula Laird said...

Those are some rockin' specials!

jacque b said...

Wow! I do love Hip Hop Thursday! And I love the new sentiments set by AJ -- perfect for the inside of cards! Today will definitely be an order day! Thanks Angela for making all this so much fun!

Kathy H said...

HOOT HOOT cute October Kit...

Pam said...

Awesome specials...Love the frame!

Lynn Ghahary said...

This is my first hip hop and it sounds like fun! Can't wait to see all the goodies everyone has in store for us!

Candace H said...

Great new stamps today! Congrats on the Scrapbooks Etc. shout out - Unity Stamps are genius! But we knew that already ;o) Hip Hop!

patty w said...

Congrats on the Scrapbooks etc write up..that's fantastic!

You amaze...does your mind ever shut down? Love the new stamps!

Paper Princess said...

I wish I was hip hoppin with you all @ Unity again today..Thanks again for such a fabulous time!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

WOW!! Angela, you never cease to amaze me! It's definitely feeling like a HIP HOP kind of day!

And THANK YOU so much for all the wonderful, kind words you've left me on my blog lately! I {{LOVE}} Unity, and all the amazing gals I've met here, and I'm going to make sure the whole world knows it! {{{HUGS}}} :)

susanshoe said...

Love the specials, you rock!
Susan :)

Julie said...

Wow, what an awesome special!!

Ashley said...

I love the new set! YAY AJ!

Hysteri-CAL said...

Wow - love the new sentiments set - definitely a must have !!

You guys are terrific xxx

Jessy said...

Anglea- HIP HIP to you and Unity. What great new stamps, as always, great new specials, as always and sooooooo very happy for your Scrapbooks Etc write up. FANTABULOUS!!

Thank you also for your super sweet comment on my blog! {HUGS!!}

Ravengirl said...

Angela -

Sounds like a fun day today! I will try to keep up even though I am at work!

Jennifer Buck said...

LOVE that new frame, Angela! It's beautiful! :) Off to hip HOP! ;)

evafromca said...

Fabulous designs and great specials. Just finished the blog hop, it was a lot of fun!!!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Sounds awesome!! It's my first Hip Hop and I'm so looking forward to all the fun and creativity!!

Patrina+2 said...

Congrats on making it into Scrapbookers Etc...great job as always!

Chris said...

Love the new sentiments!!

Paper Makeup said...

Thank GOD for thursdays! I'm not having the best day, but hip hopping is sure to make it better! Love the new sentiments!

rachelsigmak said...

Yay for Hip Hops!!!!! I just love the new stamps!

kadie said...

these sets are soooo cute! good idea to put items next to the stamps too so we can get an idea of scale. :)

Katie said...

Just found your sweet company on a blog and think that I am in love. I am excited to place my order and start creating. thanks.

Latisha said...

Hip Hop
love the new stamps

Sandra_M said...

I think that little cottage house in your KOTM is to die for!!

Angela said...

Wow! I finally made it to Hip Hip Thursday! Love the random special...

Anonymous said...

you guys are a hoot! Looks like a great day at Unity:)

Christi Shanks

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