Hip Hop BLOG CHANGE day!

16 minutes and counting!
...this is me planning ahead- NOT!
i am horrible!
i get here in on the morning of hip hop and say
"hmmmm....what shall we do for HIP HOP today?"
then i decide.
saying i work well under pressure is an understatement....people tolerate me.
i feel so loved. :)
I love HIP HOP DAY!!!! Don't you?????
Here we go -
this post is going to seem a little out of whack because THAT is how my pictures loaded and i am just going to WORK WITH IT!
new single o' the day
Monarchical Flourish Frame
by Amy Baas
I chose this one, because the BRAND NEW SENTIMENT set will fit just PERFECTLY right inside this frame. I love that!
Next best thing you ask?
WELL today it is making it is releasing AND it is on SALE!
Only 3 bucks, my ladies!
Release Price: $3.00
Regular Price: $6.00
Did you see this? Unity in Scrapbooks, Etc.
We are feeling famous - Hee. Hee.
What? Did they say GENIUS? They DID! Scrapbooks, Etc. said Unity's Stamping System is...and I quote "PURE GENIUS" - Can you hear me jumping up and down squealing? I was so very very happy when Brooke showed me this! OK. I'm done rambling. Fun Stuff.

8 minutes and counting!!!!! TILL HIP HOP! Yikes! I need to type fast!
Here is a size comparison to a quarter of these new SENTIMENTS that one of my LOVELY DT MEMBERS created JUST for World Card Making Day!
She is amazing!

8 sentiments As shown here. FANTABULOUS job, my dear AJ!
SALE on these today too!

It has been awhile since you have scene one of THESE! Random SPECIAL!
A mere 20 bucks!
$20.00 gets you all these adorable stamps!
Regular Price:
OK so I am going to change my blog up a couple MORE times today! I have stuff to show you girls and I know you are going to be around for HIP HOP to see!
Start your blog HOPPEROOO with Heather Brown, my sweet-adorable and AMAZING DT MEMBER! She is waiting for you!
Leave some love - where there is love there are prizes and that is JUST A LITTLE HINT!
Prizes given away HERE every half hour till MIDNIGHT! Come join the fun!
See in the forums!
FINISHED with 2 minutes to SPARE EVEN!