Tuesday, October 21, 2008

DT Tuesday - Heidi Sonboul {a unique and talented mind}

Heidi gets my vote for using this BACKGROUND to its FULLEST potential!
Hooray Heidi!
I love what you have done!
Scroll down to see what I mean.....

Heidi took special time for these creations!
Heidi shared her inspirational nudge with me:

"When I was picked to be this weeks featured DT member I was so overly excited! I knew I wanted to do something out of the box and different from the normal cards and gift boxes I do. Then one night before I fell asleep in bed, I picked up my newest Pottery Barn Magazine. It had tons of holiday decoration and then a thought came to me "what if I do a table place setting?" I decided to make a "Winter wonderland table place set" and then half way through I thought "but Thanks Giving comes first". LOL so I made an additional set. I hope you find inspiration from my ideas and make your table this holiday a magical one."
It is a treat to see how many unique and wonderful things you can do with the stamping talent that each one of you have!

Thinking outside the box is SO MUCH FUN!

Happy Thanksgiving!
- Heidi's Table Setting

Is that "A" for Angela? :) Yep!
Made with the FORMAL ALPHABET from Unity Stamps!

Do you see that the table-cloth is STAMPED with Unity's Tea Time Pattern only $8.00!
CUTE, cute, CuTe!

The FAMOUS Tiny line up from Giggle Grove in September Kit of the Month is taking this Thanksgiving setting into a FABULOUS direction! ...and those silly little OWLS - aren't they ADORABLE? October Kit of the Month has these little cuties for your stamping pleasure! :)
CLICK HERE to find out the details on Unity's Kit of the Month.

The full setting. HOW FUN!

Merry Christmas!
Heidi's Table Setting
I just noticed that she used Unity's Harlequin Background Stamp for this tablecloth. Along with Bitty Christmas Tags (made just the perfect size to make tiny tags for your Christmas presents) and the scalloped border from the September Kit of the Month! FUN, fun, FuN!

Heidi used Formal Alphabet and the June Kit of the Month "Bliss and a Birdie" for this place tag!
You can now purchase the PAST Unity Kit of the Month for $45.00 plus shipping.

....and look at this sweet little Angel by artist Kristine Bents. I just love how Heidi used the sparkly BLUE! It makes her Christmas setting just POP! Fabulous!

The completed setting....I need a fancy dining room! I want to do this! I LOVE IT, Heidi!
Heidi you have out done yourself! Thank you for working so hard to make this Tuesday come alive with unique and wonderful creations!
She has accomplished something WONDERFUL this week in the name of a VERY IMPORTANT CAUSE! Amazing what can be accomplished in the hands of women working together! I give you praise for your walk, Heidi - what an amazing spirit you have! Hooray!
Speaking of Dining Rooms....
Did you know that my house is so small that we made the dining room into part of the living room?
Yep - we all sit around an island in the kitchen for our supper.
LAST NIGHT I started begging Chris - who has a CONSTRUCTION BACKGROUND to knock out a wall to give me that much needed DINING ROOM!
He is on the edge of agreement.
Any encouragement you can offer him to DO IT would be appreciated!
It won't give us a TON more room - however it will be a start to that HUGE addition we are planning and have NO TIME to do!
One wall....please, Sweetie! {wink, wink}

I'm going to SAY IT AGAIN!
You people are going to {luv} November Kit of the Month!
tease, tease, tease....i know. :)

Misc. Michelle is having Unity Week on her blog!


Christi Snow said...

OMG! That girl can create! I LOVE everything that Heidi has done here...so gorgeous! smiles...

Jenn said...

WOW! Beautiful and so creative.

With all those boys growing so fast, you need a dining room to gather and share precious moments before they are gone. Good luck on getting the ball rolling

Shaela said...

thanks for the inspiration! good luck with the hubby. I find that BRIBERY works well with my other half. "Honey, if you build me a dining room, you can..." ;0)

liannallama said...

What a beautiful setting this is and such creativity! Thanks for the ideas!

I hope you get your dining room. We have a small townhouse with only room for a table in the corner of the kitchen. Wish I had more room too!

Anonymous said...

Dear Chris: if you really love Angela, you will knock out that wall and build her a dining room with a chandelier in it or anything other kind of item she wants on display. And also buy her some chocolates. And some cute shoes too.

Signed Melanie from work.

scrappycandy said...

Thanks Heidi!!!!

HapEMomE said...

WOW! So beautiful! Love what you did Heidi! Love how you used that background stamp too!
Angela, one vote here for knocking a wall out for a dining room :)

Ashley said...

Holy Mackerel! That Heidi is just AMAZING! WOWZA!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Heidi's creations are so wonderful. I love it all. There's so much detail to stare at.

Hey "Mr. Unity", if you have a nice big dining room, you'll have more family time. It will bring you and Angela and the boys closer together. It's also a great way to teach the boys how to build. They could help you and get a great life experience with their old man.

Linda Beeson said...

Oh my goodness, what she did with that background stamp in the Thanksgiving set is amazing! I want that stamp!!!

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

Love love LOVE heidi's stuff! She's amazing.

And you sound just like me Angela! I have 2 walls that i want to knock out (as does my hubby, it's finding the time and funds to do it!) and 1 wall i want to close IN (we have a screened porch, 3 walls, 1 screen. It's the boy's playroom but it's about to be too cold for them to play out there so i want that screen to go to glass!

Thanks for the inspiration as always! :)

Linsey said...

OH my goodness, I totally love these fabulous ideaS! I'm so happy we get to pick Heidi's brain and find out all the mega talent going on in there! I love these table settings and the festive Christmas one is my very FAVE! Wow! She is sooo amazing, TFS, Angela! :)

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

OMGosh those table settings are just FABulously gorgeous!!! Those owls sure are precious......and I just sooooo much adore that sparkly blue!!!! Thank you for sharing such a delightful and fun project........and let me just say:

WOW!!!! The stamped TABLECLOTHS!!!!! Genius!!!!!!

Shemaine said...

Amazing creations from a talented lady!

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