Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks for COMING TO PLAY!

5 New Stamps from Unity!
You may buy them as a bundle or individually!


It took me 10 weeks to get organized - but FINALLY I am making my post THE NIGHT BEFORE Hip Hop INSTEAD of the 20 minutes before!



Lot's to cover, so....

Grab your coffee!!!

It's a long one!

This kit is in the Unity Home!

It arrived yesterday and is being mass produced TODAY!

I offered it LAST WEEK for $32.00 as a pre-order special on HIP HOP!

Same Deal this Week!

LAST CHANCE to get it at a discounted rate!
Regular Price: $40.00

SALE PRICE: $32.00

Click HERE to order.

Journal Blocks Galore

Perfect words for Scrabooking & Cardmaking!


You are going to LOVE THIS Kit!

Our Life, Our Stories by Unity

This month we have asked some wonderful companies

to SPONSOR Hip Hop!

was our SPLENDID sponsor last week.

I hope you took a moment to peek at their Website & Blog!

We have more, more, more Tinkering Ink product to give away for HIP HOP today!

5 fun fabulous sets pictured below!

Join us in the Forum!

Today we sent their design team some Unity product -

Watch for us soon in Tinkering Ink Country

Are you loved or what?

I appreciate you gals SO MUCH that I threw some FABULOUS stamps in the $2 Sale Bin!

Be sure to notice the SIZE on these stamps! They are HUGE - and you will NEVER find this much red rubber at THAT wonderful of a price!

Take a peek!

Click on the banner below!


from Little Monkeys

Our SPONSOR for this weeks HIP HOP!
I think you better take a peek at their WEBSITE and FOR SURE you will want to travel to their BLOG!!!

WHY? You ask!?

A couple reasons.

Their product is AMAZING.

....and I know this will SURPRISE YOU -

but if you LEAVE A COMMENT on their blog -

You have a CHANCE TO WIN the following:

ONE Store More Stamps Starter System

{pictured below}


Prize worth over $42!

You have ALL DAY to leave your comment - I will announce a winner on Friday!

To read MORE about the Starter System...CLICK HERE!

All orders over $50.00 will get this WORN GRID FREE!
{no substitutions - if you already have it you will then have another to perhaps share with a stamping FRIEND!}

*****Listen Up New Friend*****
Instructions for a FREE STAMP:
When you get to the END of your order - there will be an area that asks you for your DISCOUNT CODE.
Please write in that space FIRST ORDER.
The ladies in the back room will then throw ONE FREE STAMP in your order!
{we are not talking a teeny tiny stamp....we will throw in a nice sized Unity Stamp as a WELCOME to the FAMILY!}

To my UNITY FRIENDS that join me EACH WEEK!
YOU have been asking for it...YOUR WISH is my COMMAND!
Sentiment STAMP
We have them. They are for you.
One HIP HOP sentiment stamp will go in EVERY SINGLE ORDER placed TODAY!
{you don't need to DO A THING when you order - all the HIP HOP stamps are ready to be placed with your orders! HIP HOP!!!!}

That means it is your LUCKY DAY if this is your FIRST ORDER!
You will get a FREE Stamp - and a HIP HOP Stamp!
How terrific is that!

Is it NOVEMBER 1st Yet?
Ummmm....NO - but November 1st is SATURDAY and I am going to be VERY BUSY on Saturday!

So I have a little Hip Hop Treat for those lovely ladies who are members of Unity's Kit of the Month!

This kit is so special to me, BECAUSE....I have TWO NEW ARTISTS!

Not only are they NEW ARTISTS - But they are SCS Friends in the Unity Forum!


Unity Artists Extraordinaire

  • "Home is where your Story..."

  • Kiss

  • The Whimsical Pinwheel

Lindsay Spencer

  • Journaling Frame

  • Bubble Tree

  • Whimsical Floral Line Up

Be sure to tell these ladies how much you LOVE their designs!

They will be hanging out in the forum with us TODAY!

Ooooooo - I am so excited!

Aren't they adorable?

This set of stamps goes BACK to my original sizes that everyone LOVES!

This kit has some significant sized stamps in it.


Also contributing their talents for November Kit of the Month:

My Existing Artists Extraordinaire:

Kristine Bents

Sweet little birdie

Fairytale Fawn

Off traveling....

Adrianna Marie

Smiling Sunshine

Caring Chicks

"Enjoy your story.....laugh."

Click HERE for details on joining Kit of the Month.

Please, Please, Please email me with any questions you may have!

If you join the Kit of the Month TODAY you will get Octobers Kit for $29.00.

If you join AFTER October 31 - You will get the "Enjoy YOUR STORY...Laugh" shown above.

Only ONE MORE DAY to join the Kit of the Month and qualify to get OCTOBER'S kit for only $29.00.

Once November 1st rolls around October's Kit will be for sale to

NON-Members and NEW Members for $45.00.

With November's Kit - there is a BONUS! I will be sending a coupon code for a one time 30% off coupon.

I want to continued appreciation for your participation in the Kit of the Month!

My novel is complete.

Speaking of NOVELS...Don't forget to do the TWILIGHT CHALLENGE here! Winners will be picked and announced tomorrow on the HIP HOP HANGOVER blog post!

Now CLICK HERE on Beautiful PATTER's BLOG for VISUAL INSPIRATION from my FANTABULOUS Design Team Members

On each blog you will see a link to the next DT Member - follow through to the END you will will find a place to put a comment for the chance to WIN!

Be sure to leave some love for everyone as we often pick winners from the comments left for DT Members on their blog THROUGH Out the DAY of Hip Hop! more little thing....

CPS - {card positioning systems}

Tami is the BEST!

Leave a COMMENT if you have a moment!

FREE Little Monsters Set to ONE LUCKY Winner that is picked randomly from the Comment Section HERE!

I think HIP HOP is beginning to be the BIGGEST day for BLOG CANDY ever!

We need to think of a UNIQUE WORD for Hip Hop Blog Candy!


Patter Cross said...

It was a novel but is was WELL worth it! Hip Hop! :)

Nicole said...


I don't know what to do first. Order? Blog Hop? What to do what to do?

Ashley said...

Wow! Lots of exciting stuff today! And YAY Lindsay Spencer! I love her!

StampinCathy said...

WOW Angela!! You keep making this hip hop better each week. UNITY ROCKS!
For the
Here are some of my thoughts....
Hip Hop Jewels
Hip Hop Sweet Rubba

Jenn said...

WOW, that was a lot of info, but I love it all!

November I'm breaking down to get the kit of the month, I can't stand it anymore!

rachelsigmak said...

Oh I just love it all!!! I think unity blog candy is better than Candy! It is like Cheesecake. This stuff is addictive!

Jennifer Buck said...

Hey Lisa and Lindsay! LOVE the new designs! :) Thanks so much for all of this, Angela! What wonderful give aways...I LOVE all of the new stuff! You are so good to us! :)

scrappycandy said...

Great about replacing hip hop blog candy with "Unity sugar"...Grandma always call hugs and kisses "sugar"!

Lindsay Spencer said...

Yay! I couldn't wait for this day to come. Thanks so much for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing company! I LOVE UNITY!!!

catdidit said...

OOo love the new designs in the kit of them month ladies! Beautiful! Thanks Angela! The specials are super awesome as usual!

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW!!! LOVE the new singles, and my jaw HIT THE FLOOR on November's KOTM! Girls, you are ALL *AMAZING*!! (Okay, I'll stop yelling now! lol) Hip Hop!

Candace H said...

OHHHHH, wowowowowow! It's a good thing no one was home with me when I read this blog post today and got my first look at the Nov. KOTM! I let out a scream of delight! Love it!!! Lindsay, Lisa, Kristine and Adrianna, fabulous job (and of course, Angela for your divine taste and love of big stamps!) Hip Hopping all over the place with joy!

Tanis said...

WOW!!! What a load of stuff going on!!!
FABULOUS HIP HOP day :) CONGRATS to the new designers!

Latisha said...

congrats lisa and linsday!!!

Jacqueline said...

Wow thanks for sharing all the great things involving Unity!!
So generous as always! Thanks so much!

~Cheryl said...

What a crazy long post, Angela!!! LOVE the new stamps though! YAY for HIP HOP!!!!

Linsey said...

WoW!! So much exciting news!!! A HUGE congrats to our girls Lindsay and Lisa!!! You are both amazing and talented ladies and I'm inspired by you so much!!! :)

Purple Princess said...

Hip Hop!! Congrats to Lisa and Lindsay!!

Julie Masse said...

Oh my goodness Angela!! I was away last week and missed the HOP but boy oh boy is there tons of fun this week!!! I am AMAZED at the November kit - cannot wait to get it (I can hardly stand waiting for Oct! :))!! LOVE everything you are releasing - I need more hours in the day!! :) Thanks for all the great stamps, prizes and inspiration!!

Amy said... guys are so awesome we need new word for awesome!! thanks for all the great deals and congrats to the new artists..awesome work! Can't wait to get the new KOM!!!

awendybird said...

Angela - You never cease to amaze me with your generosity and your amazing customer service! You have my business forever!!

Melissa said...

This is my first hip hop! I am so excited!

Jackie said...

This Hip Hops get better each and every week, I love it! Thank you for everything you do Angela!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Wow Angela!!!!!! And I totally mean WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! Amazing, as usual..........congrats to the new and fabulous designers!!!!! Hooooooray for a beeeeeautiful new kit........and still time to get October's!!! LOL Just..............WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

Jessy said...

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW, love the new KOM and Our Life, Our Stoires kit and I seriously cannot wait til they both ship out! I need to do some more scrappin pages and these will be perfect. THANK YOU so much, Unity ROCKS!!

CONGRATS to Lindsay and Lisa- LOVE LOVE LOVE the new designs!! :)

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

ok, so there was a lot just covered and my brain is racing. There isnt going to be a quiz, is there. hehe. Cant wait to HIP HOP!

JenMarie said...

Lovin' all the new stuff!!!

Christy said...

WOW, that is a novel..but an awesome one...I reread it like 5 times LOL. And OMG, I am so so LOVE LOVING the new November KOM...The Fawn is so adorable..


Anonymous said...

oh wowowowow thanksso muchfor the sneak peekat novembers\ kom!! wowowowow!! i am having another HORRIBLE day but your hip hop goodness saved the day!

melanie fromwork

Paula Laird said...

Angela, you are the best! All the giveaways and you showed the Nov Kit of the Month and I was just hoping for a sneak peek! I'm going to have to order it for sure! Love that little deer. The rubber rack looks amazing, too! Love Unity! Hip Hop!

KSinMT said...

A new name for Hip Hop Blog Candy?? hmmmm How about jumping beans!! Ha!
last week was my first hip hop. It was fun but work gets in the way!! Thank you for the chance to win.

debb said...

Wow- what a lot of info! and blog candy too! WOW, Wow, Wow! I am going to try the hip hop! debb

Missin' My Army Man said...

Wow I can't wait to Hip Hop today! Better late than never.

Kristen said...

Wow Angela.. you are feeling extra generous today! Hip Hop to everyone! Love all the new designs!

Patty said...

Angela - you rock! Unity is a great place and Hip Hopping Thursday is FANTASTIC! So much to see and do.

scrappin' happy said...

How is it that the Kit of the Month gets better and better? I LOVE these. Huge Kuddos to the Artists!!! I'm so excited to see it! I LOVE THURSDAYS and the news stamps are AMAZING!!!

olexer said...

The November kit looks great!

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