Can you BELIEVE the talent of this GIRL!?
This is one of my favorites.

I just KNEW it!

Early this year I posted a CONTEST for a New Unity Design Team Member that mentioned a FREE TRIP to Summer CHA with Unity.

I had a TON of applicants. One being Jennifer Buck.

She made my jaw drop.

I gave her the Unity DT Position and invited her along to Chicago with the Unity Crew.

What a perfect choice.

Not only is this lady

ULTRA Talented...

ULTRA Sweet....


ULTRA Inspirational...


She is a DIRTY GIRL!!!!!! WHOO HOO!

What is a "Dirty Girl" - you ask?

{it's kind of a BIG DEAL}

It is a DOZEN Choice women on Splitcoast Stampers {the #1 stamping sight on the Internet}

These women are chosen based on Talent and asked to be FRONT and CENTER with their creations.

If you are a DIRTY GIRL - you are AMAZINGLY TALENTED and you pretty much have achieved TOP HONORS in the stamping world. People are fans of your work, and follow you in an effort to be inspired in their own creativity. You are a PILLAR of creativity. YOU ARE A BIG DEAL! HOORAY JEN!

Jen and I at CHA....What an honor to have her there. She graciously agreed to help the Unity Crew and was a PERFECT addition to our HIP HOP weekend. What a sweetie!

Do yourself a favor! Go to Jen's Blog and mark it as a Favorite - She has breath taking creations on there EVERYDAY, prepare to be inspired!

Speaking of inspired!

I have a little challenge for you! CLICK HERE!
Prizes involved for HIP HOP THURSDAY!

Hugs to You, Jen!
So happy to have you in my life.