Feature MONDAY! Friday came and went TOO FAST!

Featuring Cyndi Bundy!
Cyndi has been VERY PATIENT with me.
She is such a spunky adorable gal and I just LOVE her!
Thanks for your kindness, Cyndi!
Friday became MOVING DAY at Unity!
It was a quick decision by the BIG BOSS MAN - and there was not convincing him otherwise!
Before I knew it my computer was unhooked and down the road to my new office. Of course hooking those things back up always poses some challenges....Thanks to our sweetie computer guy Kody we are up and running again!
Back in Business! HOORAY!
Cyndi created adorable little projects using.
TRICK OR TREAT PEEPS - by Adrianna Marie

Aren't they ADORABLE! The set is only $9.00!

Did you see Unity is now selling their kits in SINGLES!
We will be adding more and more singles as the week passes.

Still putting things together here at Unity!
Thanks for your PATIENCE everyone!
Orders are shipping out the door today!