Feature Friday! Cyndi, LOVED HAVING YOU HERE!

A friend indeed!
CYNDI BUNDI - We are going to MISS YOU!
Card made with September KIT OF THE MONTH!
Love. Friendship. Happiness.
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Each time the month ends we bid farewell to our Guest Designer of the Month.

We have had some FABULOUS gals join Unity - and each month we say goodbye to one and WELCOME another.

Cyndi! I have enjoyed taking a peek into your creative world this month. Everyone else in the would not know this, but the month has found me pretty SILENT on the Unity Design Team Board. So I was not able to share a TON of conversation with Cyndi! Unity is taking off so fast that my chat time is limited! However...I have LOVED having her as part of the team and I know all the Unity DT Members feel the exact same way!

So THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the effort and time you put in to our team....it was SO VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

It broke my heart this morning when Cyndi wrote this to me.....

"{If you read one of my posts on the DT board I said I feel like I will be like Bella after Edward left}"

When I read that part of the book.....OH MY GOSH, I could have curled up in a ball and sobbed! :) I hope so much it is NOT that bad....:(

She has more treats for your to look at today!

Done with SCHOOL ROCK STAR! How adorable is this?! This is one of the many reasons I love Cyndi! She is a SCRAPBOOKER and CARD MAKER Extraordinaire!

Now SOLD AS A SINGLE this adorable Randy Reindeer {named after my dad :)}by Lori Ryan!

Marilyn Monroe is exactly RIGHT....Everyone does have the right to TWINKLE!
Cyndi! You did a TERRIFIC job making UNITY TWINKLE this month!

THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU!

Love. Friendship. Happiness.
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Have a *TWINKLE* kind of DAY!

OH! ....almost FORGOT! Hip Hopping was a BLAST last night!
Sorry I had to leave early for my Mommy's Group...I missed you gals!