Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend Plans? Here's MINE!

Hunting Shack in the Woods....
...and Edward.

The boys and I went for a couple hours this afternoon and did some school shopping. It was so much fun! Nic tried to twist my arm to buy a T-Shirt that said "Team Edward" {Nic knows how much I ADORE Edwards character within the pages of these books} There was also a T-Shirt that said "Team Jacob" for all of you peeps on the other side! If you have read these books, that would mean something to you!
I was CLOSE to the purchase - but I did not think it was appropriate attire for this chick.

I did, however, buy each one the the boys a T-Shirt that simply states:
... Size S,M, L, & XL....
I felt those were necessary and appropriate! :)
The moment they ALL put those on, there will be photos taken - it is a blog worthy moment...I may even just have to place my CHA tiara upon my head for that photo!
A mother of 4 boys has this right...don't you think?

Unity is taking HIP HOP into the weekend...DON'T PANIC! We are NOT HIP HOPPIN all weekend long - I am just extending the SINGLES and the SPECIALS as an added bonus for LABOR DAY!

Check out my WEBSITE for the DEALS O' the WEEKEND!
They are specifically listed in the BLOG POST from August 28th!

From the bottom of my HEART I want to say THANK YOU for being part of HIP HOP yesterday! The emails some of you have sent with KUDOS for Unity are going to be shared with the WHOLE TEAM here. WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY that we have made so many new friends!

Enjoy your weekend and every simple thing about it!
Hope you find some time to STAMP TO YOUR HEARTS DESIRE!!!

By the way...IF YOU HAVE READ ALL THESE BOOKS...Whose team are you on?

Enquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!


Michelle said...

Love, love the Twilight Series.

I'm really torn between the two...& I don't want to give away anything!!!!


Nice Hunting Shack! It looks sooooo cozy.

Lindsay Spencer said...

You girls and your vampires! Too funny. I do think you deserve to wear a tiara, EVERYDAY! I have 3 boys and 1 girl. I know how much work it is to have boys. Hard and fun all at the same time.

Chris said...

My kids need those shirts too! LOL. My 2 year old does have a shirt that says "It's my brother's fault" (with 3 brothers, there is always one to blame..hehe)

As for Twilight...I'm on team Edward too..though he can be so darn good it is frustrating at times.

catdidit said...

Yes! You DO deserve to wear that tiara everyday! Love the hunting shack, would be awesome staying there looks like!

Ok, I be a Jacob kinda girl and thats all I'll say about that, lol!

Brandi W. said...

Love the books - team Edward for me all the way!!! Thanks for extending the specials, you rock!!

mcbetty said...

Trifle Sentiments still a penny with a $20 order? Really? WOW!!
My weekend plans are to make cards for the Troops using Unity.
Hubby and I watch a DVD movie every Saturday night.
Ordered two science fiction books from amazon that I adored decades ago.
Maybe one day I'll get these vampire books from my daughter.
You've got to get all 4 boys to put on those t-shirts!

Kim S said...

Most definitely team EDWARD!!!!!! Love with a capital heart) theses books!!!!

HapEMomE said...

Angela, I love the shirts you DID buy for them! Perfect! :) Can't wait to see pics! Awesome deals and through the weekend??? WOW! :) I created a little card using one of my first Unity stamps that came in the mail to me today! It is for TTS DT, so I can't share it just quite yet! But, you can count on MANY more creations coming from this girl and her NEW AND BEAUTIFUL Unity stamps! :) THANK YOU!

Amber said...

WOW, I can't believe the number of people loving these books! I just started Twilight today and I'm loving it! I don't have a clue who Jacob is yet, so don't tell me, lol! I'm lovin Edward so far though, he sounds like a hottie (even though that's disturbing if he's only 17...hmmm...) bwahaha! Your cabin looks so comfy, can I come? I'll be quite, I'll be reading too!;)

Maria Levine said...

Wow that looks like a cool hunting shack, but it doesn't even look like a "shack"! Have a fantastic weekend!!

Hip Hop Thursday is the best thing since sliced bread! LOVE IT!! The last two weeks I had to drive my mom home on Thursday and I keep telling her we have to hurry it's Hip Hop Thursday!!! Now her and my DH knows. LOLOL!

You are doing such an awesome job with Unity I'm so happy to be a part of of the fun all the time! Keep it up can't wait to see what else you have up your sneaky little sleeve missy!!!!

Have a good one!!!!

broni (waterchild12) said...

I hope you're enjoying your weekend with Edward! I've read the entire series and now I'm mourning that there are no more! As for choosing a team, I can't. I LOVE them both! Hurry and finish! I can't wait to see what you think!

Maggie said...

Team Edward. Totally. Reading these books has helped my teaching career as I have had some semi-deep conversations with my freshman girls about them. It has made me "cool." :) Interesting getting a teenager's perspective after reading them like a 32 year old :) Finish up these books so we can all start talking about them :)

Jenn said...

That would be a cute photo, and the tiara is a must!

Rita said...

TOTALLY Team Edward for me! ;)

princessteach said...

Edward and I so needed those shirts when my boys were growing up. I, too, have 4 boys but the baby starts college on Tuesday, so very sad. But, sometimes you get grand daughters from sons. Yipee! Love them.

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