Weekend Plans? Here's MINE!

Hunting Shack in the Woods....
...and Edward.

The boys and I went for a couple hours this afternoon and did some school shopping. It was so much fun! Nic tried to twist my arm to buy a T-Shirt that said "Team Edward" {Nic knows how much I ADORE Edwards character within the pages of these books} There was also a T-Shirt that said "Team Jacob" for all of you peeps on the other side! If you have read these books, that would mean something to you!
I was CLOSE to the purchase - but I did not think it was appropriate attire for this chick.

I did, however, buy each one the the boys a T-Shirt that simply states:
... Size S,M, L, & XL....
I felt those were necessary and appropriate! :)
The moment they ALL put those on, there will be photos taken - it is a blog worthy moment...I may even just have to place my CHA tiara upon my head for that photo!
A mother of 4 boys has this right...don't you think?

Unity is taking HIP HOP into the weekend...DON'T PANIC! We are NOT HIP HOPPIN all weekend long - I am just extending the SINGLES and the SPECIALS as an added bonus for LABOR DAY!

Check out my WEBSITE for the DEALS O' the WEEKEND!
They are specifically listed in the BLOG POST from August 28th!

From the bottom of my HEART I want to say THANK YOU for being part of HIP HOP yesterday! The emails some of you have sent with KUDOS for Unity are going to be shared with the WHOLE TEAM here. WE ARE ALL SO HAPPY that we have made so many new friends!

Enjoy your weekend and every simple thing about it!
Hope you find some time to STAMP TO YOUR HEARTS DESIRE!!!

By the way...IF YOU HAVE READ ALL THESE BOOKS...Whose team are you on?

Enquiring minds WANT TO KNOW!