Watchout Wednesday - Cyndi Bundy.. It's All You Girl!!

What's shakin PEEPS?!!
This is Brooke.. filling in for Angela who is off on business today...
I get the lucky job of introducing
as our star for Watch Out Wednesday!!
Cyndi has a fun, fresh and unique style
that is sure to be noticed by anyone who sees her work!
Cyndi is a huge supporter of Unity..
coming up with creative projects time and time again!
We are always looking forward to seeing what she will do next...
Here are just a few of her AMAZING cards! This card is definitely a {JOY} to look at! Here Cyndi used our ECO CHIC kit... simply stunning! It IS the little things.. like her attention to detail
and fun layout design that make this such a beauty!

Cyndi.. You do ROCK! This card is so bright, fun and funky!
TINY TRINITY was the kit used on this super sweet little card. The colors are so vibrant.. its just gorgeous!

Get to know a bit about Cyndi..

Here is what she shared with us about herself..
A bit about me…I really prefer to talk about my kids, but I’ll comply. I have always been a creative soul…drawing constantly as a child, and I always loved to color. I danced, played violin, and even quilted in my 20’s. I am nearing 40 and the urge to create daily is still there, if not even more so. The other constant through my entire life has been the love of reading. I adore reading mysteries and fantasies particularly and am currently going through the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child, and I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd in the Eragon series!
After I graduated from Duke U in the early 90s I met my husband…we were engaged and married within the year and had our first child 9 months later. I have stayed home with my children ever since. We have an extremely talented 15 year old son who attends the NC School of the Arts for organ, a beautiful 13 year old daughter who is all about the social life, a goofy-spirited 12 year old daughter who is very bright and driven in her goals, and the baby, our 5 year old son who is the ruler of the household! I stay busy most days running these guys around and keeping them from killing each other. In my “spare” time I stamp.
I have been avidly scrapbooking for over 12 years and stamping for about 11. I started with Creative Memories (didn’t we all??), then found the world of stamping through Stampin’ Up! It was only a year or so ago when I discovered the blogging world and all the other companies who also had those cute little things called stamps…..bwaaahaha. Little did I know…
I first read about Unity from the DT call on Shannan’s blog and thought I would check it out as I had not heard that much about Unity yet. Well, within seconds of blurfing over I knew I was just toast. I fell in love with every single image that I saw. SO what else do I love about Unity? Everything! The stamps are superb quality, and the handles are a MUST-have! Angela provides the top in customer service, and she is instantly in touch when you need her. The entire Unity team that I have come into cyber-contact with is very welcoming, fun, and willing to share ideas. But my favorite thing is still the stamps. There are so many unique and fresh images, and they just call out to me to create and have fun with them every day! I am so honored and blessed to have been asked to be the Watch Out Wednesday girl this week!
Also.. a FAVORITE QUOTE from Cyndi!!

“Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
-Pablo Picasso
Thanks Cyndi for gracing us
with your fabulous talent this week!