Nic went to ALASKA this summer...We SURE MISSED Him!

He sure was a sight to see...
We missed him, but we didn't know how much till we saw him back in our home!

Poor Kid has not had an "alone" moment since!
Arriving home August 15th....
"Joy" is having your sixteen year old in your entry way - Not only SAFE & SOUND, but 100% happy to be there!
"Joy" is eating breakfast with your brother after not seeing him for 6 weeks! That is a very long time for a 35 year old mother & Father, much less a 6 year old little brother!

"Joy" is soaking up the SUN on the lake with your BOYS!

Nothing like having your brother LAUNCH you into the lake...Nic sent this boy flying almost 50 times. When you have been away all summer, it is the least he felt he could do!

THEN...there's the "RYAN" FAMILY GOLF OUTING! 30 people all enjoying the beautiful weekend weather. 27 holes of golf. It was nothing short of a BLAST! Sawyer even won a prize for being the only family member to get smacked with a golf ball...If you ask him he will show you the indent in his little foot!
As you can see...he recovered just fine. Next time I think shoes are in order and perhaps a HELMET! That kid is an accident magnet.

No, LUKE is not drinking a beer.....
I cropped the photo and the dude with the beer was to his left! :)
Chris and Luke waiting for all the teams to finish.
Even though GOLF is not Nic's favorite past time, he joined the fun! He is trying to fit an entire summer in 2 short weeks, and LOVING it!
It's GREAT to have him HOME!
So you have our weekend in a nutshell! It is laughs and {good times!}, memories to cherish for years to come!
All of these events and I EVEN MANAGED to finish a NOVEL!
Late nights are the best time to read!
All of you who left comments were EXACTLY RIGHT!
I could not get my nose out of the novel
The motion picture comes out December 12,2008 - Hooray!
We will be back to Stamping, Scrapping and DT Tuesday tomorrow!
Enjoy your Monday!