Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hip...Hop...Hip...Hop...Hip...Hop...It's a Nearly FREE CLOCK!

It's your Dream Tree!
Single and Stunning for HIP HOP Day!
Click HERE to add this beauty to your cart!

The long standing joke at Unity...

Angela says, "Hmmm....what should I run for a special?"
proceeds to the back room to take a peek around....
Everyone there ALWAYS ENCOURAGES her to give away a FREE CLOCK!
The words "How about a FREE CLOCK" has been said 99 million times at Unity!
WHY?! You ask...
Because I have this CLOCK on TWO production plates and I have DOUBLE the inventory of them AT ALL TIMES!
SO...August 21, 2008 HIP HOP starts with a NEARLY free clock with every order!
{only because my website won't DO FREE, that is the way it is programmed}

Jennifer Buck loved the Unity Worn Vintage Clock!
...and it looks to me like she had a plan from the moment she saw it!
Some stunning EYE CANDY from Jen!
When you do the BLOG HOP starting on SARAH'S BLOG you will see another CLOCK PROJECT on Jennifer Buck's BLOG when you get to that point!
Made with Unity's $.01 Clock!
"Worn Vintage Clock"
I know I said I was NOT GOING TO DO IT...but I am offering another
10% off
all orders ALL DAY HIP HOP DAY again....
{and a penny clock!!!! - don't forget to add it to your cart!}


{all capitals!}
it is case sensitive.

We will be giving away tons of stamps again, just as many, if not last time.

NO OFFICIAL word of which ones, it will be very random!
I am sure "MAG THE MAN" will pop in at some point and give away the farm again!

Last week I promised some VISUAL on the HIP HOP antics....


This past weekend I was innocently standing on the father, sitting in his boat had a particular twinkle in his eye. I did not recognize the "twinkle" as my husband did - and I could not understand why he was running down the dock, away from me, in the opposite direction from the boat. I heard the boat motor lift and as I turned around my dad revved his engine....I was SOAKED with camera in hand. It was pretty comical as I stood there resembling a wet dog, although my poor little camera did not survive.


When I get a moment today, I will run to my parents home and BORROW their camera to film some more INTERNAL VIDEO of HIP HOP here at Unity!

Come back this evening for more entertainment!



Sarah Martinez
...and let's get HIP HOPPIN!

Almost FORGOT!
Click HERE to see it!
"Love Builds a Home"
by Jessica Rose

Before you go...any new camera suggestions? If you have a moment - HELP!


AJ said...

I LOVE the new SINGLE!!!!!!!!
it's so cute!!!
I will come to Spicer and film for you guys!!!! ;)
poor camera!!!

Queen of Paper said...

WOW this is GORGEOUS! and what a deal on that stamp!!!

CandaceHNC said...

Yay, it's the Dream Tree!!! The one I've been hoping for... and seriously, dreaming about! I'm on a big TREE kick and I can't wait to get my first Unity stamp order placed early this morning - woo hoo!

Rachel Hope said...

OOOOOO, My Tree!!! Woo Hoo...In my Cart it to find more to buy ;)

catdidit said...

Yay the Dream Tree! I just love all of Unity's trees! You are soo awesome Angela!! And your whole Unity crew!!

Theresa said...

What a great deal. I love that tree.

patty w said...

Love that tree!

Now, off to hip hop blog hop!

NancyP said...

Ohhhh, MUST have that tree!! I LOVE it!!!

HapEMomE said...

Gorgeous cards! I had so much fun today blog hoppin' and the forums! Thank you to everyone involved at Unity!!! I {heart} you and am so excited about getting my first Unity stamps! :)

Sandrine Deleuze said...

I just found your blog and discovered your beautiful products !! I soooooo love them !! You rock ! Will you one day sell your products in Belgium ?? I love to stamp and I love to stamp on my fabric creations too ! Your stamps would be PERFECT !! Come and visit my blog ;-) Smooches to you and CONGRATULATIONS for your amazng univers !

catdidit said...

Oh, didnt see about the camera suggestion yesterday! My professional photography friend, when I asked her to suggest one...she knows I make cards and the kind of pictures I want to take, suggested the Canon Powershot S5 IS Digital Camera to me. I told her under 400.00 and this is what she suggested. Taking me awhile to save for this baby, but I soo want it!

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