Saturday, August 9, 2008

Future Unity Artist?!

My Picasso Sawyer!

Sawyer took some time this morning to pick FIVE winners over at SPLITCOAST STAMPERS. He had so much fun looking at all the creations made with Unity Stamps.
He is now CONVINCED that he can make stamps.
We may have a future Unity Artist in the Magnuson Home!
Here is a little Dragonfly and Flower he thought he should finish off with some

As I was sketching out ideas for future stamps Sawyer came up with his own thoughts on stamps. Flowers, swirls and trees! So tempting! They are SO FUN and adorable.

I am in LOVE with HOUSE STAMPS. We are in the mode of coming up with an adorable kit to add to the Unity Line. Sawyer is pretty darn good at HOUSE DRAWING! Maybe because his PAPA is a Real Estate Agent?

Well, it is sunny and warm outside today. I SHOULD BE OUT ON THE LAKE like last weekend! You can take a peek at those photos on my personal blog:
BUT - Housework and playing CATCH UP is in order! Off to start on my list!
I need a to hire someone to CLEAN MY HOUSE and DO MY LAUNDRY!


Tiffany Johnson said...

Awwww ;) This is adorable!!!! You should definitely photoshop some of those bad boys!

AJ said...

I hope there a future for a house stamp- my parents are both in real estate as well....I see a void!!
cute art Sawyer!!!!

Maria Levine said...

Oh that is soo cute! I can def see some inspiration there!

Tanis said...

I LOVE little art. Sawyer is fabulous :) You'll have to get him to do some stuff on canvas so you can hang it on the wall.
And yes, houses are great!

Hysteri-CAL said...

I wanna house, I wanna house !!!

Sawyer, those houses are way cool hunny - please try and talk mummy into putting one of your houses in a kit please !

A kids drawn set would be so much fun ... what does everyone else think ?

Sawyer - you rock matey !! xx

Christi Snow said...

What an incredible artist you have there!!! Great job on those drawings, Sawyer!!

I wish that I could help you on the house chores Angela...unfortunately, I have the same ones waiting for me, but I was just sitting here thinking that stamping would be a MUCH BETTER use of my time! LOL!


Ashley said...

How super cute! I love him!

Kim said...

Have you made the stamp we were talking about at CHA in the Rusty Pickle booth yet? {If you don't remember, email me} My friend has a post on her blog about Unity, check it out:

Linsey said...

Yep! I would certainly say that Mr. Sawyer is well on his way to becoming the next Unity Illustrator! :) I LOVE his swirl tree, the cool houses, his fun sun and flowers...umm, next KOTM perhaps, hehe! He is such a lucky boy to have all that inspiration and freedom to be artistic--what fuN! TFS Sawyer's wonderful artwork with us! hugs!

HapEMomE said...

Oh how cute! What a little artist! I love it! Can't wait to see what Unity comes out with for house stamps! :)

Michelle (aka mybelle101) said...

So cute!! You should totally have a set designed by him for kids...I'm thinking a house with stick-figure people, dinosaurs, rocket ships...oh, the possibilities!! I'll be looking for it in the next release ;)

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