DT Tuesday - Our Brooke.

Today is ALL ABOUT Brooke!
She is one of the most amazing women I know...
She maintains her family, her work, her talent, her friends, her individuality all wrapped up in a tiny bow - In otherwords...she amazes me.
She has a heart of gold and consistently is compassionate about people. Once a friend always a friend. She deserves every good fortune that can possibly come her way.
She is SUPA TALENTED at her craft.

We have crafted together for years now...and she whips out these creations in NO TIME AT ALL. I am still placing and replacing and taking apart and starting over and she just does this....VOILA! Perfect....How Splendid is that? She is my little crafting idol. :)
You can get more details about this card on her BLOG...
I do know that both of her cards were made with REMEMBER HAPPINESS by Jessica Rose.
This is Unity's Kit of the Month for August {which is still available for 4 more days!}
Click HERE for details.
Adorable, Brooke! I love it!

"Love Was Never Promised to be Easy" - August Kit of the Month

Brooke shared a BIT a BOUT herself:
As her friend over the years I can tell you, a "nutshell" could not possible cover all the fabulous traits of this gal...but I will let her make it "simple"

in a nutshell.
i'm happy go lucky.
i enjoy creating.
i don't enjoy rule following.
i love laughing.
i enjoy my family and friends to no end.
i love to have fun.
i am laid back and i go with the flow.
i am confident and proud of who i am.
i will usually say what i think.
i will do anything for those i love!
i have a huge collection of quotes...
but there are some that i come back to time and time again.

all you need is love. love is all you need.
-john lennon

i see your true colors shining through. i see your true colors and that's why i love you. so don't be afraid to let them show. your true colors. true colors are beautiful like a rainbow.
-cyndi lauper

if you never did; you should. these things are fun and fun is good.
- dr. suess

NOW...you need to GO TO BROOKE'S BLOG, she has an ADORABLE book on a slide show that she created with "Little Monsters" and in Unity Fashion we are GIVING AWAY a

"Little Monsters"
Leave a Comment on Brooke's Blog for a chance to WIN!