Design Team Tuesday Jen Erickson is "UNLEASHED"!

Jen is straight laced......NOT!
If I was bold enough - I would post her phone number right here on my blog just so you could listen to her answering machine. I believe she refers to herself as the "Queen" and also proclaims her undying dedication to her husband. LOVE IT! Her personality shows in her creativity. I just LOVE her layouts!

Made with Unity's GOOD TIMES, Fun Night Out and Road Trip. These are IDEAL sets for Scrapbooking.
Made with Unity's Road Trip - look at the cutie patooties all buckled in!

This adorable layout was made with the MOST POPULAR Unity Stamp EVER! It was mistakenly put on my website and THEN back ordered for WEEKS! DISTRESSED DOTS....I hear of people "sleeping" with this stamp under their pillow for fear of stamp burglars. AJ and Jen almost had chick fight over it at CHA! :)

Last but not least the adorable layout made with "School Rockstar". Jen is employed as a teacher...I just really thought about reallocating to her neck of the woods when I found that out. She would be the most memorable teacher ever. HIP HOP!
Jen has submitted some of her favorite inspirational quotes in perfect "Jen Fashion"

from napoleon dynamite (only the best movie ever!)
"whatever i feel like i wanna do...GOSH!""
girls only want boyfriends who have skills.
you know, like nunchakus skills..."
from grease:-
"tell me about it, stud."
from JEN herself:
"i'm like a ninja."
"Shut up, It's True" (that is my favorite JEN quote)...or is it "I'm gonna break up with you..." - I heard that one 10 times while she was waiting for her beloved Distressed Dots.
At any rate...I need to simply say I love this gal. She adds energy to the team and puts a delightful twist to the group. Thanks Jen for being on the Unity Design Team. You jazz it up and I am so extremely pleased that you are part of it everyday!
{sorry I am late on this gals!}

Holly said...
Wow! Erin did a fabulous project! Welcome Erin, and congratulations! I love this set, and would love to win it!

Holly - email me and I will get your Unity set "Floral Fantastical" out!
I will be out of town on business Wednesday. My DT Member Brooke will be posting for my Watch-Out Wednesday!
Come back to see us!