WHAT?! It can't be THURSDAY ALreAdY!

What is up?!
Lots and Lots.
We are busy assembling Kits and Cooking Rubber!

We have a inventory hanging in Unity ready to hit the shelves at numerous shops across the country!
Start looking for Unity near you!
Unity's "EcoChic" was a hit at CHA!
Represents "Going Green" at Unity perfectly!
Do you KNOW the amount of Maple we save EVERYDAY with our concept?

July 30th we will officially release
"Have a Diva Day!"
"Growing with Unity"
"Tiny X-Mas Tags"
"Hey Chicky!"
{Do you see the sparkle on this rubber? - These are ULTRA Special...}
We are ready to go for this release!
Join us at Splicoast for your little party.
July 30th from 8-10 p.m. Central

This is Carrie...."Waving from the back room". She was home from CHA holding down the fort.
She is the "Chick O' Many Talents" here.
She cooks rubber, cuts rubber, fills orders, etc. Don't worry - she has help, but we sure appreciate all she does to keep Unity moving forward!

Another big NOTE OF APPRECIATION from CHA! I need to single her out. This is my Kara. Near and Dear to me. I LOVE THIS GIRL. She is Chris's Auntie. Yes, they are nearly the same age - and I won't go into details. Chris and Kara have been close all their lives - then 14 years ago along came ME and I stole her! We could talk for hours, she is amazing! She graciously came and helped out Unity for CHA - and it would not have been nearly the same without her.
Perhaps a future DT Member?!?!
Miss Ultra Talented here is one busy Chick - but someday I will make her join the team & Guest Design.
You will find some new talent from her and LOVE IT!

AJ! Where is your crown! We had just a few "looks" when we would all prance around in our Tiaras. I was fine with that as I have never been crowned princess for ANYTHING, might as well wear it proud while I can!
I will confess...I have on occasion since arriving home placed it on my head "Just Because"...the boys of my home just shake their heads at me. Let 'em...right? I am the only girl in the Magnuson household therefore I am automatically "DIVA". It's a given!

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...
Doubling?!?!?!? OH MY Goodness. Thankfully I ordered a whole lot of storage boxes that Patter enabled me on. LOL. How about some more sentiments like your singles but scaled down just a bit? How about some single words in an amazing font/design such as Friend, Love, Forever, Believe, Wish, Celebrate. I know it's been done but I can only imagine that yours would rock (like Phil Collins as my good friend Dee would say!).

Email me! I will send you your goodies!

Tomorrow ELIZEBETH will grace us with her creations ONCE AGAIN! I can't wait to see what she made this time! Amazing, I tell you...check back!

Kit of the Month!
We are dwindling down to just 6 days left to get July's KOM!
"...it's the little things"
will go into retirement at unity after 7/31/2008.
Go here to sign up for the KOM.
{we will send July's out RIGHT AWAY}
You have the option each month as to whether or not you would like to participate!

Enjoy your day!