Watchout Wednesday - LaTisha Yoast...Come on Down!

My DT LOVES LaTisha! Can you see why?

Made with Butterfly Beauty. Splendid!

Made with Tiny Trinity: Amazing & in my booth at CHA

Made with EcoChic: Chic it is!

Due to the fact that we have found someone SO SPLENDID and she was full of AMAZING information: I am pasting it right into my blog. I know she was not sure about sharing so much of herself, but I LOVE that about her. We just never know who we are helping by opening up. I am so impressed with your story and your strength, LaTisha..

So...THANK YOU, LaTisha! I truly admire your work and your amazing are inspiration through and through!

Here's LaTisha! {read...and appreciate "the little things"}

My full name is Latisha Yoast My husband Jesse is in the US Navy so we move around quite a bit, but I love it. My two cute patooties are my daughter Kendall who is twelve and my son Jacob who is seven.
When I was a little girl our home burned down. I was just a little girl, I remember how devastated my Mother was. I don't have a lot of photos of myself when I was a baby to about 9yrs, but the ones I do have, have been given to me from family members. Pictures mean everything to me, its the one thing that you cannot replace.
When my daughter was a baby I got invited to a Creative Memories show, and I remember being so excited. From that moment on my pictures went into photo safe albums, you never know when something is going to happen, and I want all of my pictures is one place, so that I can grab them and go. This is when I became obsessed with paper and stickers.
I got into stamping when my husband was about to go on his first deployment. I wanted to send him with a bunch of cards, so I went to Hallmark every so often and picked up a few at a time {cards are expensive!} One day one of my girl friends said to stop buying cards and come over to her house and we will stamp. This was the start of a beautiful thing.
Right after 911 is when I started to feel sick. After many many many tests, I now knew a name for what I had, Crohn's Disease, there is no cure for it, they don't know how people get it, they can only treat your symptoms. For some reason my body attacks itself. The Dr.'s could not get my disease into remission, I really really thought I was going to die and my babies who were one and five at the time would never remember me. I was in unimaginable pain, and was so weak but I was determined to fight for my life, this was not going to be the end of my road. This quote really means something to me
"You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face, you must do the thing which you think you cannot do"
Eleanor Roosevelt

I was in the hospital about an hour away from my husband and children, so I had Jess bring me some of my scrap booking and stamping supplies. I wanted to be able to do something creative when I was feeling better, also do more journaling, I wanted there to be more depth in my pages. Journaling is so much more important than any embellishment.

I would never wish Crohn's Disease onto anyone, but it has been a blessing. It has made me a better mom, wife and friend. When you go through rough things or even like me almost lose your life, it puts everything into perspective and changes your soul. Simply.. I don't take anything for granted.

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much"
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

I am one of those people who LOVE life, I'm a glass half full type of person. I don't waste time on negative things, there is too much living to be done. So I take inspiration from flowers, music, food, fabric...beautiful things.

How did LaTisha come to LOVE Unity?
I found Unity, when Beate did the card with the dragonfly from Butterfly Beauty, OMG such a beautiful card :) I needed that stamp. I went to the Unity website and they were not yet selling them, or you had to get a catalog or something...I just couldn't get them. Then Unity became a member company I was so happy. How great, stamps that you could scrap book or make cards with...Genius! The perfect combo. Unity stamps are so fun to play with, I just love them. I started out with a "b" handle, Butterfly Beauty and some singles. I now have all of the handles, around 12 kits and 4 singles. They are designed well with lots of variety and the company has really great customer service, My favorite Unity sets are Butterfly Beauty, Eco-Chic, & Tiny Trinity. Giggle Grove is on my must have list! It really easy to create beautiful things using your stamps.
Other than stamping I like to cook, sew, make jewelry, go to the beach and have fun...oh and I like to shop and love coffee. I love life and with all of the ups and downs I have had in my life I am really happy with where my journey has taken me so far.


Wow. Right?!

{btw, LaTisha...EVERYONE loved your card at CHA!}

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