The fact of the story is this....CHA produces DREAMS COME TRUE!

Once upon a time....there was a husband and wife that had a dream. For years, they were persistent in making a vision come true. A dream of "Unity".
Thanks to that persistance, their faith, and the help of an amazing person - that dream manifested into reality. This is one of the Unity Guys, Gus...he is very encouraging and supportive. He has played a huge part in helping us pursue our vision of a perfect "Unity"
....because of all these circumstances finally coming together we now have the very proof that "dreams do come true" - Isn't that a beautiful thing?

As our company grew, we needed more help...and along came cutie patootie - Unity Guy, "Broman" {Ryan}. We love having him as part of the Unity team. He came into our lives at the very moment we needed him and has been an amazing addition to the team. He is cooking all your rubber stamps, ladies! Unity did their first release in May, my AMAZING friend Brooke came to my rescue. She could see me spreading myself thin and came to my aid. She is so beautiful inside and out, and I am blessed to have her in my life. She is F-U-N, fun. Thanks Brookie!

Here you will see her with one of my original GIRLS Robyn. My Robyn came running with hugs and love. She has been supportive from the very beginning. Thank you Sweetie!
MY Unity Guy is Christian. He is my rock, and keeps me moving in the right direction. He brings me up when I crumble {yes! I have those days}. I love this man...his energy brightens not only my life, but all who cross his path. Can I get a little HIP HOP?!

So this man is MULTI-Talented. He took my vision one short month ago and with the help of Broman and our guy Tom brought it to reality. THANKS are amazing!

The Unity Booth came together. It took the hands and help of several people but in only 12 hours, I was able to comfortably leave the building and look forward to opening day of CHA Summer 2008.
AJ, Me, Kara, Brooke, & Robyn. My girls.

Is that Jen Erickson! YES! Shut Up! It is TRUE!!!! How adorable is she? Look at those BEAUTIFUL EYES! Jen is a teacher...I am sure EVERY year her little students FALL IN LOVE with her. THANK YOU Jen for all your help!

AJ, Angela, Brooke, and Jen. We are all decked out in our Polka Dots. We connected and LOVED each other immediately. These girls are all incredible people. I had a tummy ache, we laughed so hard. I think we were asked if we were sisters at least 5 times! Sistahs indeed!

Is she the cutest gal ever? I know, and she is as sweet as she looks. Jen, I hope we did not scare you! I felt you fit right in, and having you with Unity at CHA was nothing short of perfect!

Can I just tell you I had to go in the bathroom and cry when AJ left on Sunday? She is not only my Design Team Coordinator, but has become my close friend. I love this girl. She has helped me, and supported me 100%. As Unity weaves its path there are small bits of inconsistent decisions and AJ has helped me figure things out. She keeps Unity moving forward with patience and persistence. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Yep, it is the Unity Guys. How FUN are they....can I get another HIP HOP?!

My Diva Friend. She was Stellar and AMAZING! She is spreading the word of Unity and even crowned all of us as DIVA'S for the weekend. We are soon releasing DIVA SETS in her honor, thus the TIARA! The first 2 sets are Diva-lish & Have a DIVA Day! THANK YOU Daniel. You were a delight to have in the Unity Booth! Your support is so very much appreciated!

The Unity Crew.
Here is my hope for you. That you follow your Dreams. I did, and with support and conviction they become more a part of my reality every day. The very best part of it is that I can confirm the following.... God has a plan MUCH BIGGER than what you can possibly dream for yourself. I had my focus on our product and building a huge business - yet out of all of that I have been blessed with rich relationships. The opportunity that Unity offers is endless for so many. It just gives and gives, there is no end in sight. All I can do is say WOW! - Enjoy the moment and look forward to the GRAND path ahead!