Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DT Tuesday - Featuring our SPARKY Heather Brown!

How cute are these?!
Heather Brown {Unity DT Member}
is the ultra talented gal that brought them from thought to creation.

This adorable little assembly of stamps is made with "Wild & Crazy Bunch". These stamps were drawn by Unity artist Kristine Bents.

This vibrant beauty is made with Unity Stamp Set "Fantastical Floral"

These two card showcase Unity's July Kit of the Month "...it's the little things". This kit is available through July 31, 2008 and then will be retired FOREVER AND EVER! So sign up for the Kit of the Month via this link to get this adorable set. They are only going to get more tempting! Great things to come!
When you sign up today, July Kit of the Month will be on it's way immediately. Limited Time only!

Heather has a trendy style. She puts together her cards with all kinds of little extras and blends them right into her creation beautifully. Here color choices are unique, and I just adore that quality of design that she has. The Unity team is encouraged by Heather's generosity and adventure to branch out with new ideas to be sure the everyone knows just how wonderful our products are! I get an email from Heather that reads, "As always let me know if there is anything that I can do to help you!! I am here for ya!! " every week! Thank you Heather! You are an addition to the team that is appreciated each day!

Due to my sincere appreciation for daily inspiration I ask each DT Member to share their favorite quotes/versus/poems/ song lyrics, etc. Here is Heather's choice:

The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing."

Zephaniah 3:17

I find great joy and strength in the Bible and is something that I lean on daily for my strength and motivation.
~Heather Brown

We will show some more amazing talent for Watch Out Wednesday tomorrow! We found a lovely gal with an amazing story of strength and persistence.

Lot's of Fun in my post from YESTERDAY!

******Did someone say BLOG CANDY?*****
Oh! I think it was me!
We are releasing 3 NEW KITS soon!

One of them is the KIT WITH THE TREE that had its DEBUT at CHA! Remember the TREE?
Would you like one?

Go to my website, take a look around - and tell me what I am missing as far as stamps. Unity is in the process of doubling our inventory...I need your opinions!

I will pick a winner on Thursday! You will be the FIRST ONE outside of my DT to get this kit! HOW FUN IS THAT?!

Enjoy your evening!


Heather said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, you are so sweet and I appriciate all that you do for us, you are amazing and I am so proud to be part of your wonderful DT.

Maria Levine said...

First let me say YOU ROCK! Because when I came here my "boyfriend" bon jovi was singing!!! HOW AWESOME! LOVE IT! :-) Ok I have to turn it off because I can't think! LOLOLOL!!!

Heather your projects are awesome!! Love them!!

I tried to go to your link in the blog but it didn't work. I knew there would be new kits coming!! Is it ok to comment here?

for new kits how about: a kit of all snowmen for christmas! I love snowmen for Christmas. My DH is jewish would you be up for a Hanuakah kit? OHH, what about a cool Christmas tree a big one like the background stamps! It can fit an entire card! Or maybe a large tree as part of a kit with tree accessories? How about a kit of Marine animals, specifically Dolphins!! :-) Sorry was I allowed to suggest a few? I hope that doesn't disqualify me! :-)

Thanks for a chance at blog candy!


catdidit said...

I LOVE Heather's creations! They are always so fun and bring a smile to my face! Awesome!

You have such a wonderful varity already, thats had to say what you need! But I know that I would love to see more of the 'mini' kits. The stamps you have already reduced down a bit. I do better with smaller stamps than larger ones myself, lol. I wish I COULD show case the larger ones like HEATHER!

JenMarie said...

Oh I'm lovin' my first Unity order!!! Got Tiny Trinity..and 2 singles..and the b handle, that handle ROCKS! OMGosh, so gotta get the others!
Hmmm....keep on coming with those singles! And...maybe a Bible verse set?

Jeanne S said...

First I just wanted to say that y'all are the cutest bunch of girls ever!

My suggestion is a New Year set.

........or frogs. :)

Kim said...

I'm sad, Bon Jovi is playing and my Bon Jovi look alike neighbor has moved to camp for the rest of the summer :(. I miss my glimpses of him.
Anyway, I would love to see a Tuscan themed set or 2! Grapes, wine, grapevines, etc. Maybe a big set for scrapbooking and stenciling and a small set for cards!

Kim said...

By the way.........keep all of those funky trees coming. I love them so very much!!

Ravengirl said...

I also couldn't get the link to work. It seems a little funny to be suggesting to you what is truly your business. Here goes: I didn't see any collage stamps. I think that the closest you come is the Tea Time Toile. But let me tell you, you have a great assortment! I think that there is something for everyone! As an afterthought, my girlfriend has always talked to me about how great a stamp set including nursery rhyme images would be. All for your consideration!

Karen said...

OMG!! Beautiful cards, Heather!! Just love the zigzag stitching on the 'monkey around' card!

As for stamp ideas maybe a couple more alphabet sets(a large set like 1 1/2")!

Stephanie Niavez said...

I love these cards. I really enjoy all the ideas I get from this blog.
Set I would like to see -
1) a fun Fall set - a basket of apples, a pumpkin pie, 3 pumpkins side by side (skinny, fast, tall, etc), a pile of leaves, a turkey (not a cooked one), a school bus
2) an all holidays sentiment set ( to include holidays like grandparents day, cinco de Mayo, and all the others
3) a farm animals set
4) a baby shower set with chicks and giraffes

Maggie said...

Heather, your cards are awesome....I always enjoy your color combos...and you always have such great layers and texture...good stuff to look at!
As for kit ideas....hmmmm....maybe a kit with a variety of words...I am a total word person and like to put them on all my cards, so something with the basics (birthday, thank you, friend) and some offbeat ones (like cool beans...which is my fav saying and my students totally don't get it). And have them be an assortment of sizes too... Maybe a more serious, real life-y line art flower set? Perhaps a set with mini images and frames that they could be put in (like a mix 'n' match 2 step dealie)? Perhaps somethiing with a retro 60's feel to it? And whoever said frogs, I'm totally about that :) Thanks for asking for our ideas (and reading my babble!)!! :)

Heather Parks said...

The cards are awesome! The thing that I would like to see would be something involving sports, either something general or one set with basketball, one golf etc.... Continue with the large stamps LOVE THEM and maybe more alphabets!
Heather P

Regan said...

Yikes I'm not sure you have an awesomely diverse bunch already!!!

How about some smaller sentiments or single words that could customize sentiments???

Chris said...

Super cute stuff!

As for what I would like to see...I would love to see some more little boy stuff...Like cute dinosaurs, bugs, space, etc.

Rachel Hope said...

I am always looking for more Manly images...fish or classic cars....but I love Everything you have!

Terri E. said...

I am really looking for sets that I can use to give gifts from my daughter for her grandmother, anuts, uncle loved ones ect.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

debd94 said...

More varied alphabets!

scrappin' happy said...

I LOVE all of your stamps and have to say that you are pretty diversified but if I had to say... I am ALWAYS on the quest for BOY items. I have two boys and feel like I'm always using the same stuff. I have yet to see a Monster Truck theme stamp anywhere so that would be cool or just about trucks/tractors in general. Also something to do with collections and my son is always collecting stuff-just ask my washer (it's always in the pockets) and probably got mess? because I never knew a little boy could be mistaken for a tornado but if you looked at my kitchen about a year ago every day it looked like a tornado hit it. those are a few of my humble suggestions, I could go into more detail but I don't want to bother you!! Thanks for listening. ~Shannon

MichelleSG said...

Oooo what are you missing?? Hmm I think it's going to be what are you going to be missing! I know you are going to be coming out with a bunch of new bible sayings and while I do love those I am totally non religious and love the fact that you can put out an Anias Nin quote right next to a bible one. So if you are going to pump out some biblical stuff balance it out for the rest of us not in the bible belt? I am open to it all and will use/buy all of it, your individual sayings are my favs!

Mandy said...

DEFINITELY another fall set! I was looking for one at CHA. And some more Bible verses, which I know you already know!

I agree with Jeanne. You guys are SO CUTE! :)

Kerry A said...

Well you already have so many wonderful stamps and I especially love the new tree!!! The only thought I had was maybe a brothers set or a cute boy set...maybe with vehicles. Can you tell I have 2 sons?!

mcbetty said...

Doubling your inventory?! Wow! How about jogging/marathons/foot-racing/sneakers/track/cross-country.

Bunny B said...

I'd love to see more cute animal stamps, like bunnies :P sealife and wildlife creatures too. Thanks!
bunnybox9 at gmail . com

Cindy Vernon said...

I would say more boy oriented stamps such as robots, cars, and sentiments that match that would be suitable for kids.

Stacy R said...

Heather your cards are adorable!! I love the ideas for my new KOTM and I absolutely love how you used the animal set!!!

I cannot get the link to work either so in regards to new stamps, that is a tough one since you already have such a great diverse collection.

I would love to see more kid stamps, like a trampoline, power wheels truck, wading pool, slip & slide, swing set, etc. and seasonal stamps like fall with a nice fat pumpkin and a tall skinny one, tree, leaves, scarecrow, hayride, corn maze, etc. A travel set would be cool too - like a blank travel sign, the standard are we there yet, how much further, etc. Dog or Cat sets, and alphas are always cool, I love the ones that look like handwriting.

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Doubling?!?!?!? OH MY Goodness. Thankfully I ordered a whole lot of storage boxes that Patter enabled me on. LOL.

How about some more sentiments like your singles but scaled down just a bit? How about some single words in an amazing font/design such as Friend, Love, Forever, Believe, Wish, Celebrate. I know it's been done but I can only imagine that yours would rock (like Phil Collins as my good friend Dee would say!).

Ruth said...


You have lots of great stuff but my old favourites that I always look for are
1) sentiment sets with variety for lots of diff cards
2) sentiment set with loads of happy birthday in different fonts and some big numbers for little kids cards
3) jewish themed set for holiday celebrations
4) a chrissy tree with variety of ornaments to "hang off" it.

{stampininthesun} said...

Gorgeous cards...I agree the colors are so eye catching and fun!
I love the Unity line so far..but I would love to see:
1. a big set of words for the inside of cards
2. a set of just birthday sentiments
3. a set of tag's, (different sizes and shapes) words that fit inside the tags, maybe small images that fit inside also.
4.snowmen..maybe a "snowman soup" type set. This would be great for holiday gift giving. (I love to make homemade hot cocoa)
5.Christmas tree set....with several sized trees, ornaments, presents, etc
6. a whimsical tea, coffee, and hot cocoa inspired set....add some sentiments, too (again...this would be great for gift giving)
7.Halloween set with pumpkins
As you can see...I really want that cute tree! :)

CC said...

i found my way to your blog via a video about your products I saw at the Craft Critique blog.

I checked your stamps and here's a few stamps I didn't see.
1. Some type of home/house kit.
2. Little boy vehicles...trucks, trains, etc.
3. dogs/cats/family pet set.
4. I don't remember a travel set, so that would be nice.

And I have to admit that I'm glad to see the hunting, fishing and shooting sets. I need to go back and check those out closer. My husband is a hunter and fisherman, so I'm always looking for that. And I have a friend who shoots skeet competitively with her husband, so the shooting set would be great for her.

Latisha said...

Fabulous Blog candy, I think you need to make a hippo set, then you can have different sentiments like
"hip hop, hip hop, anonymous" lol or "Hip hop"
There can be a momma hippo with flash cards trying to get a baby hippo to read LOL
That is a very funny part of the movie...my husband knew exactly what I was talking about, he said that's really funny what Chris and the other guys were doing with the "hip hop"

Deb Neerman said...

I'd love to see a really cute (and spooky!), Halloween set. Followed by a Thanksgiving set, and of course, Christmas!

Yup, I'm always on the lookout for great holiday stamps.

Thanks so much for the chance to win some awesome Unity stamps!

~Hugs, Deb
debkneer at aol dot com

Heather H. said...

I love checking out your blog!!!! There's so much inspiration and creativity going on!!! Can we say "fun"?

I'd love to see some cute bug stamps - caterpillars, ladybugs, butterflies, ants - cute ones. I'm also a big fan of snowmen - maybe a create a snowman set - frogs in different poses, owls, more monkeys - can't get enough monkeys!!! How about things for little boys like trucks, cars, boats, planes etc.

Melisa said...

I love all of the stamps that you have currently and will be working to add all of these to my ever growing collection... I love alpha sets and would love to see some from unity. Anything girly and swirly are always a hit with me too!!

Cookingmama said...

I love your non-grandma looking stamps. Unity rocks and so does Heather Brown's cards!!! I would love to see cuter non-cheesey baby themed/prego stamps. Seems I always need a card for that!


Nettie said...

Heather's cards are awesome, love her color choices. For stamps I would love to see more Christmas stamps specifically pointsetta flowers and looking for a good Drummer boy and verses.

I love the mini sized stamps and would like to see more sets in that size too.


Hysteri-CAL said...

I'd like to see a cute 'fruit' kit - cherries, applies, oranges, bananas etc....

I'd also like to see an all penguin set with suitable phrases to accompany them ie., 'cool chick' 'cool dude' 'all penguined out' 'pengui-loved' etc. etc...

I'd also like to see some 'rock chicky' stamps as well - sort of tattoo/bon jovi !!

Maybe also some more phrase centred sets in different fonts.

More journalling kits.

I hope I haven't bombarded you !

Love 'n' hugs for your continued success in the future xx

Jessica said...

Love the variety that you already offer! For new kit ideas, I would love to see...

-music theme kit, realistic looking with guitars,amps, mics, etc. could be used for teen guys, or gals especially.
-more guyish stuff, other than the hunting and fishing.
-more flowers/cutesy girly stuff, especially line art images to color
-some more realistic stamps, like nature, animals, etc. would be very nice.

you're stamps are so wonderful already, but it will be so exciting to see what you will be coming up with next!

Jessica said...

Love the variety that you already offer! For new kit ideas, I would love to see...

-music theme kit, realistic looking with guitars,amps, mics, etc. could be used for teen guys, or gals especially.
-more guyish stuff, other than the hunting and fishing.
-more flowers/cutesy girly stuff, especially line art images to color
-some more realistic stamps, like nature, animals, etc. would be very nice.

you're stamps are so wonderful already, but it will be so exciting to see what you will be coming up with next!

stampinc said...

Love the samples.
I would love to see...
A fall kit with Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Christmas and New Years.
Journaling papers
Thanks for a chance.

Yaritza said...

What I see missing is a fun calendar set with days of the week, months, numbers and maybe a few shapes like mini birthday cake, candles, christmas trees, things like that to mark on special days.

Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Unity Team,

I was honored to have met you at CHA and absolutely fell in love with everyone. As a guest and 1st time CHA visitor I was a little awed and intimidated. Imagine my surprise when you told me that you remembered me (monthly club kit member). LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all you guys. And Love your stamps!!!

Sunflower Hugs from Kansas

Chris said...

Loved Heather's creations!

The link didn't work so I hope I can post ideas here. I was thinking of a Thanksgiving set, with words like "thankful", or a journal stamp "things we're thankful for" included. I would also like to see a few vintage style stamps (similar to tea time), maybe with sewing and measuring tapes.

Anonymous said...

oh I forgot to mention that I also had the pleasure of meeting Robyn at the Clearsnap booth. She is awesome and I am sooooo moving to WI, lol. How awesome it would be to be close to all of you guys!


Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I can't get to the site. I keep getting a "not found" message. I would like to see a set with Bible verses.

joar001 said...

I would like to see a teacher set wtih thank you for helping, thank you for being there, thank you for the support, that type of thing. Even for the reading teacher, the art teacher, etc.

Cindy said...

I love the freshness of your stamps...so i bet you would do some rockin stuff with a fall theme (pumpkins, leaves, etc) the Bible verse idea would be cool, and I think your singles are great! So more of those in various themes would be fun...

Great work to you all:)

Jaxbabie3 said...

I love the stamps you have so far! Can't wait for some Christmas money to stock up on some! :) I would be interested in seeing some bible verses, or even bible character stamps (noah's ark, etc) and also some trucks and tractors for boys (I have a little boy obsessed with heavy equipment!!)

Thanks for listening to our ideas!!

Lori said...

I think stamp sets that would be good to use with teachers would be great! I'm also always on the lookout for good stamps/sayings for inside cards!

arlsmom aka Lynda said...

I would LOVE to have that tree!!!

Let see...how about a fairy or a butterfly set? Monogram letters might be nice too?

Jillisgram said...

How about some vintage stamps! Especially for Christmas --- love vintage santas or fireplace with stocking, children on sleds --- you know what I mean! Thanks for the chance to win blog candy.

awendybird said...

How about some nesting dolls? Those little Russian nesting dolls are so cute!

JACQUE said...

Wow -- these are all great suggestions -- what to add? How about more family sets (with words like "tradition" "heritage" "screts" etc); camping & RVing; boating; Americana (flags, patriotic); clouds & star/sky; sports, any holiday sets; Christian phrases ("God Bless You" "Praise The Lord" "Prayer" etc).
Thanks for asking what we want!

Giovana said...

WOWW Heather, you rock!!! I love your creation, they are so bright and fun.
About your question... Maybe add some sentiments in Spanish, that good ones are hard to find.
God bless your generosity

Carolyn said...

The stamps are adorable!

Plus it was such a pleasure to meet you Angela in person at CHA, you are truly a sweetie, and I wish you much success with your venture, you have a wonderful product to offer.

yes, this is the Carolyn, I warned you about, and the emails must be corrected, it arrived right on time. wink!

Kimberly said...

I would love to see tickets with interchangable insides-lines and images, and small sentiments. Maybe a couple different sized tickets too.
Beautiful creations by your DT!!!

thefresa grdina said...

I think you are off to a great start with what you have...I would like to see DOGS! I have a corgi and don't mind a whimsical, generic kind of dog....but a dog set would be great! I also like snowmen! They can be very versatile for the winter! Good luck! and keep up the good work. Oh - it was great getting to see your "crew".

jules p said...

I feel bad telling you what is missing. Your company is so good. I love your stamps. I love the way they look. And how they are packaged. I can't afford any-right now, but I am asking for them for my b'day and christmas! ;)
I guess what I wish I could see is more of the holidays. Fall stamps, snowflakes, snowmen,gingerbread men(which I love) pumpkins,fourth. And more sayings and shapes (that would fit my punches).

Paula said...

Thanks for the chance at winning! I'd love to see some nature themed vintage stuff. Along the lines of SU's old Sun Ripened, or Botanicals.

Jess said...

I love what you have already, but if I had to say something was missing, I guess I would say sports (either a sport set for all sports, or individual ones), and a nice generic boy/girl baby set with smaller images for cards rather than scrapbooking! Also, more kid sets.

Lisa H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa H. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa H. said...

uggg! I had multiple posts and delete some and now they are all gone! so I'm trying it again...
I would love to see fun water sport stamps. We have a lake house and boat and I love to scrap some of the fun we have on the water tubing and skiing. I would love stamps to use in my scrapbooks.

Brandi W. said...

I love all your stamps and you already have a great variety but one thing I would love to see and don't see much anywhere is a twin stamp set. My best friend is having twins and I would love to have some great twin sentiments but haven't found many I like.

Time of my Life... said...

Hi Angela, thanks for the opportunity to offer suggestions on stamps. I would love to have more scripture stamps, how about snowglobes (that would fit in a circle nestability) with smaller stamps to create your own scenes, also a bird house to go with the cute birds you already have in your collection, a couple of crosses with details through out them, funky snowflakes, a gingerbread house with candy stamps. That's all I can think of for now!!! I LOVE YOUR STAMPS!!!

leenda said...

More scripture verses like the one Heather mentioned. There are so many verses of encouragement. You could do them in different fonts too. Thanks for asking.

Brenda said...

Heathers cards are awesome, I love the colors she uses. I would like to see more smaller stamps and also more that you can color. Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful stamps. I love them.

Brenda said...

Heathers cards are awesome, I love the colors she uses. I would like to see more smaller stamps and also more that you can color. Thank you for the chance to win some of your wonderful stamps. I love them.

Stephanie Hargis said...

Heather, your cards are fantatic! :D

As for what I would like to see..hmm...that's tough. You have a lot of stamps, that's for sure. I think I would like to see some more animal stamps though. Or maybe some new Christmas stamps! I love cute snowmen!

I also wanted to mention that I LOVE my new stamps! I finally got to ink them up and I am in heaven! I can't wait to get more time with them!

KAP said...

Beautiful cards! I would love more journaling stamps or tag stamps.

Angie said...

Of course I would love one of the new stamps! Of all your stamps, I love the Little Princess set, but I have two boys... so I would love to see a set with a Little Prince in it, or King...

Happy Now said...

It's been so neat to watch the buzz surrounding Unity since last winter's CHA... Fun, fun! I have yet to break down and purchase any of your stamps (how I would love to win!) -- but I am sure that won't be the case as you DOUBLE your inventory! Watch out! :)

I am looking for more amazing sentiment stamps and journaling starters for scrapbooking, especially with children in mind ("Things I Love About You," "What You Love Right Now," "The Story," "The Conversation," things like that?...).


Hilmarose said...

Some may think I am crazy but I would like to see Bible verses that use the names of Yahwey and Yahushua... There are many Messianic believers out here and I for one would buy scripture stamps using the names :)

Pattie Brown said...

Angela - Your stuff is amazing, you aren't missing much!!! I love Unity. Pattie Brown

Lara L. said...

OK-You guys rock!! Your stamps are awesome and you love my man-Jon Bon Jovi!!! I'd like to see a few more alphabets, esp. classic (not cutesy) and a fall set would be great too. I love pumpkins (and, of course, Bon Jovi!!) Lara L.

Kimmie said...

I love your blog, so much inspiration! Off to check out that July kit, looks yummy. I dont have any of your stamps......YET!

Linda said...

What an excellent choice in music Angela!!! I actually lived not to far from where Bon Jovi grew up, and have been to his house(not in it just drove past it). Great work there Heather..as usual. As far as stamps, they are all spectacular, and you have quite a diverse offering. As someone said earlier I too have 2 boys and would love to see more boy/men themed stamps. Something like trucks, cars, computers, robots, gears etc.... And for myself I would like some fairies, unicorns, stars, moons & maybe a sun and how about an Asian themed set.... Thanks for offering up some blog candy, can always add to a growing collection.

Susan said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time at CHA! Someday I'll go!!!!! Love your stamps - great concept! Thanks for the chance to win, win, win.........

Expressions of a Creative Mind said...

OMG!! Are you kidding me, you think you guys are missing something? You always blow me away with your new releases...can't wait to see what else you come up with

Jenn said...

I've been on a (fruitless) hunt for stuff about dining out. Not cooking or baking, eating out! Also, I've seen some classic car stamps, but I'm sure Unity could do better :)

liannallama said...

Here's my list of what's missing:

Vintage women
World Travel

HTH--thanks for listening to our input!

SueB said...

Did someone say "blog candy?" Count me in!

Mom22RedHeads said...

I'dlove to see a set that has all sports, either with a person to work with or just a general sport set.

Janet said...

I put in a search for cows or farm animals on your store and the only thing that came up is the cowboy set. I am all about cows! I would love to see cows and farm animals. My grandparents had a dairy farm that I loved to visit when I was growing up. I will always have a soft spot for cows, especially Holsteins. Thanks for a chance to win!

MamaDuck said...

I have really enjoyed looking at your fabulous products! It has been so fun to surf all of blog land and see all the stuff from Unity and what fun you guys had. How sweet are you to just treat your team with so many fun things! Love those polka dot shirts! How fun are you!!

As far as stamp sets go--maybe larger pieces of sports equipment with a fun, smaller varsity-style font that you could use to personalize the sports stuff. So I could put my daughter's team on the volleyball, my son's name and number on the back of the jersey or on a helmet. Hope that makes sense. What a fun question! Also, maybe fun and encouraging quotes and verses written in fun, casual fonts.

Love you stuff! Thanks for all you do!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Oh I love all your stamps--I have my list of ones I'll be ordering soon. As soon as my checkbook is back up & running-lol! The only stamps I see missing and I'm always looking for are for older boys (pre-teen and teen). They're too big for cutesy but too young for big guy stuff. Just a thought...

Suzanne Dean

heidi (heidi@heidimyers.net) said...

I love your stamps! Soooo cute!
I would love to see an alphabet with a font like that used on Old Skool. I see that font everywhere and I can't seem to find a stamp set for it.

Lori said...

Ok let me say that my July KOTM arrived, and oh my oh my, I am going to have to make room for all the Unity Stamps I am going to be buying. This was my first wood cassette stamp, WOW! Now I am gonna HAVE to get those handles! WOOHOO!

For stamp sets I would love to see some cool marine animals too if it had a SEA TURTLE. Also a girly dog set that isn't TOO cutesie or kiddie. I have 3 furrie babies that are all girls and would love to use your stamps to make scrapbook pages for them. And Snowmen, you can never have TOO many snowmen. :O)

Thanks for asking for our input, Angela - you ROCK!
PS - love this song!!!

Becky Carafa said...

Cool cards by Heather - love them! I haven't read all the ideas before mine, but here's what I would like to see:
1. The men in my life are golfers. I need a cool golf set.
2. a we've moved, happy housewarming, welcome to the neighborhood set.
3. a lined notebook paper background
4. a small scripty type of background
5. kids valentine set
6. a get well set
Well, those are my ideas, thanks for the chance to win!

Karen from PA said...

I would love to see a great fall set with different leaves, maybe a leaf background stamp, scarecrow, cornstalks, pumpkins, etc. I am also really looking forward to the Bible verse stamps you mentioned. I can never get enough of those.

KellyB said...

I want to see some more Christmas sets!!! I start making Xmas cards very early because everyone gets a different card and I would love to have some great Unity stamps to use on some!
Take care! Kelly

Janean Campbell said...

I love all of the Unity Stamps...I wish I could own every single one...But I have a budget...so I'll settle for what I can have for now.

muffyvan said...

Hi Angela,
You know I love your stamps but I'd love to see:
- travel sets
- more journalling spots kind of stamps for scrapbookers
- sentiments for scrapbook pages
- border stamps

But having said that, I LOVE IT ALL SO FAR!! :) Thanks for bringing us such gorgeous stamps. ;)

patty w said...

OH my goodness! That is a great stamp set! Love all the cards!

Wow... I hope I'm lucky enough to win this set...it is absolutely gorgeous...not a bad one in it!

Thank you for the chance and I love all the quotes!!

Michelle said...

Oh more sports for sure - girl and boy sports but especially girl. GO GIRL types of things. I have 7 - yes 7 nieces and 13 - eek - 13 girl cousins. My son was one of only two boys born in almost 30 years in our family. Anything girl is great!

Debbie said...

My daughter Grace loves to dance - ballet, tap, jazz, modern, oh and she sings too! I am always looking for dance/stage/theatre related stamps. As well as dancers how about some phrases like "the star of the show", "you light up the stage", "so proud of you"?

altds34-Deb said...

Angela you have such a great variety of sets! I was just looking for:
1. Some stamps that are just for journaling...kind of neutral so they can go with any layout.
2. Some rock-n-roll type stamps. Maybe guitars, sayings, etc.
3. MORE BACKGROUNDS! Love your bg stamps! Maybe something along the lines of a texture like a linen or mesh.
Can't wait to see what you come up with--good luck with doubling your inventory....or should I say good luck to me and my pocketbook?!?! :)

Julia said...

Absolutely love the stamps sets!! The trees and owls are beyond adorable. I am always always looking for fun, cute, not at all formal..greetings or sentiments stamps set that are not teeny tiny. I think this i one of those things that I constantly find myself wishing for! And some background stamps with little polka dots an maybe a mesh style too. :-)

Emily said...

Beautiful stamps! I think maybe some animals, like monkeys =).

mcbetty said...

I hope you see this, Angela. I know blog candy is over .... but I woke up wishing yet again for a Movie set.
You know stuff like: popcorn, film projector, cup of soda, silhouette of people's heads watching movie, words Movie Night, DVD, you get the picture

Kathy said...

I love your stamps. It is hard to think of somehing that is missing. I would like to see some waterfall stamps (like Niagra Falls) also some quote or poem stamps.

Linsey said...

I absolutely adore all of Heather's wonderful creations! She is so creative and inspiring! What a gal! TFS her work with us all!

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