Unity's Cruising!

How fun was THAT?!
This afternoon I was interviewed on Diva Craft Lounge, what a splendid experience! Danielle and Rayme are THE BEST! They loved us SO MUCH they are taking us on a cruise - ok, not ME (personally) but our fun little handles & stamps are boarding the boat to hang with the DIVA'S. If you have some time to listen to the interview click here. I was on the show with Angie Lucas from Simple Scrapbooks as well - so you can hear some of the fun and fabulous things going on both at Unity and Simple Scrapbooks!
Danielle and Rayme inspired me today by reminding me how the Universe allows everything to fall into place when you follow through on doing what is right for you...The very first time that I had heard that said was from Ms. Oprah Winfrey herself. She said when you are doing what you love, "The Universe rises up to meet you............" I have found that to be so true in the mere 5 months that Unity has transpired. We have found fabulous artists, tremendous connections, magazines requesting product, hundreds of people tuning in each week to see what is happening at Unity, orders being placed by phenomenal locations, A+ reviews from some of the most prominent crafters in the industry, ultra talented & supportive Design team by my side, and more opportunity each day...I would say the good Lord above is definitely letting us know we are moving in the right direction!
Come back to visit tomorrow! Fun little "Gift of the Week" yet again!