A little home life...Sunday Morning Relaxation.

Yes, that is a teenie little kitty cat tattoo in the middle of my son's forehead....he insisted - the kid cracks me up. Add it to my list of "Firsts" below.

I love Sunday.
Our cozy Sunday morning consisted of Chris cooking the family favorite egg bake, while I enjoyed the moment with James and Sawyer. Our hearts worshipped within the walls of our home, today. Family time spent.

The weekend was filled with "firsts" - entertaining little tidbits.

FIRST time my son James thought he should do the dishes, and clean the house without being asked.
FIRST time the only chick in the Magnuson house (being me) won the family Texas Hold 'Em Touranment.
FIRST time I've had the chance this year to take the boys to Powder Ridge to see their fancy snowboarding skills.
FIRST time watching my adorable little nephew blow kisses & burst out of the gates crawling like a speed demon.
FIRST time riding with Nic in his car. We pulled our old Volvo out of the back 10.
FIRST time Nic was required to drive a manual 5 speed, THAT was entertaining for his dad.
FIRST time allowing Nic the freedom to drive to a friends house alone at NIGHT! This was a big step for his protective mama...I think at this point Nic dislikes the fact that HE is a FIRST.
FIRST time being my brothers partner playing cards. We lost - so that was probably a LAST.
Happy Sunday, Enjoy your day!