Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns...

I sent our "Little Princess" kit with a lovely gal that we met at CHA. Debbie has a store in the UK called Stampezee. She and her sweet friend requested to take some of our handles along with one kit back with them to the UK. I hesitated just a bit as we were still in the elementary stage of our handle creation . I knew that we needed till May for our engineers to PERFECT the manufacturing specifics of our handles. She just loved this Little Princess kit created by Kirsten McGrath for Unity Stamp - and I couldn't say "NO". It was a small gesture of kindness on my part that "boomeranged" right back to me. 1 day ago this adorable little book arrived in my mailbox. What a SPLENDID little book! I hope my pictures do it a small bit of justice. It is simply adorable! Thank you so much Debbie! I love it.
Did you know....God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today?
My wish for you is that it is 86,400 seconds of pure JOY!