Sunday, February 3, 2008

What do you do to get ready for CHA?

The luggage is almost packed, the fridge is full, home-baked goods are in the oven, the house is clean (as clean as it is going to get anyway) and the Valentines are done. (That is Sawyers little hands above filling out his Valentines for school) 2 days till we hit the road. It is unbelievably peaceful around the Magnuson home aside from the tinge of guilt I am feeling for missing a birthday or TWO! Yikes!

I have been making an attempt to find pictures of the CHA 2007 via internet - not much luck. Saturday we set up the display and assembled all the different layouts of the stunning creations my design team submitted. I am going to have new projects out each day (as suggested by one of my team members....) In an effort to stay organized, I snapped a photo of each setup and packed it away accordingly. With all the excitement - I was afraid I would not be able to concentrate enough to get our display just right.
As I was cleaning up areas of my home today I picked up my journal from last year. Just for fun, I flipped back to exactly a year ago. It sent a tiny chill through my body as I read the following:
"What I am grateful for 2/12/2007":
  • Healthy Children
  • A warm home
  • A warm bed
  • 5 "guys" that love me without a doubt (my husband and sons)
  • Dreams....BIG DREAMS! (We will continue to pursue our product till we are 100% SUCCESSFUL!)

Amazing how time manifests dreams.


Laura said...

wow! i am impressed that things sound so under control over there!!! :) way to go, girl!!! have a great last day, before you leave, tomorrow

Christi Snow said...

Big are doing it!!! :D smiles...

AJ said...

How exciting it must be for you right now!!! And how organized you are taking photos ahead of time!

little fish designs said...

Cheers to you on a job well done (thus far) and good luck at the CHA . . . looking forward to hearing all the good news when you return!!!

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