Good Times!!

Good Times! Says it all...this is another one of my girls, Heidi Sonboul. You have to go to her blog - it just makes you feel HAPPY! She always has a song to welcome you - one of those "feel good" sort of songs. Meeting Heidi is synonomous with her blog. She twinkles. One of those people you just would like to include within your close circle of friends! Her style of crafting goes hand in hand with her personality. It is fun, unique and refreshing! I am very happy to claim her as a design team member of UNITY STAMP COMPANY.

Speaking of "Good Times!" yesterday we celebrated Presidents Day by taking all 4 boys bowling late afternoon. After 11 days away - it was blissful spending time as a family again! Scenario: Third and final game there was a cheering section for MOM as she was trailing DAD by only 1 strike. The bet was on, loser had to make supper. All the boys LOVE IT when their confident dad takes second, which is R-A-R-E - let me tell you! Low and behold - STRIKE! Mom was off supper duty!

The memory worth journaling: After the excitement wore off a bit, Sawyer (5) took a seat beside me, got very close to my face and with the most sincere look in his large brown eyes stated, "Mom....I really love your bowling skills". Priceless. The kid makes us laugh - all of us. Magnuson comic relief?....THAT would be Sawyer.
If you have inquires about Unity's simple mounting system, and how it works, A.J. has a wonderful write up today on her blog! Peek!