Craft Critique gives "THUMBS UP"!

Click on the title above to be linked to our review by Craft Critique. Very fun stuff! We are meeting a TON of wonderful people here at CHA. Everyone is so excited about our system, as they watch the 30 second explanation we can literally see the lights go on and the jaws drop. So simple... It has been coined as the "superior" mounting system of the industry by some very prominent people, and we are very optomistic about the future of Unity Stamp. Meeting some of the gals from my design team has been the highlight of the show. Each and every one of them has been all I expected and much, much more...LOVE THEM ALL! I am so lucky! Did I mention how excited I am. We are getting a WHOLE BUNCH of orders and I will be listing the stores on my website that you will be able to buy our product at by May. Brace yourselves.....Emily coined my tag line perfectly..."We'll change the way you stamp" I will post photos soon! Sorry for not being more on top of those details! I had every intention of doing so! Stay posted. I will send more updates soon!