Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Changes...Possibilities...Time to get CRAFTY!

WEBSITE: My gal, Cassie Medema is working hard on changing the appearance and function of my website! I am super picky and the gal has endured a flood of emails screaming for more ZING! I gave her only 2 months to get the site up and running - she is doing magnificent, but stay posted for some lovely additions.
PRODUCT UPDATE:LOTS of excitement on the horizon. We are in production and right on time for our first huge shipment of products slated for May! You will see Unity Stamp popping up everywhere!
NEW PRODUCTS:Fun News! I have a ton of ideas for more kits and will begin adding to my line very SOON! We will be adding amazing papers as well as clear stamps by Summer CHA 2008.
USC SYSTEM UPDATE: Our mounting system is in huge demand....Chris paid a visit to the local manufactures today. He is consistently amazed at the specifics that are necessary to mass produce our system. All this waiting for the engineers to put the final touches in place is hard - yet, well worth the small wait for perfection.
TIME TO CREATE:I hear my local craft store calling my name "Angela, you need to visit me, you need to create...." So tomorrow I am stocking up. This weekend will be a great time to get some projects completed. Looking forward to getting back in the groove! Anyone want to join me?
Location: Adorable little - Spicer, Minnesota - Unity Stamp Company
Date: THIS Saturday
Time: 2:00 in the afternoon till we lay our heads down in exhaustion
Bring a friend! All are welcome! :)
If some of you hit the road in your car RIGHT NOW - you could be here by Saturday! ROAD TRIP! I know this first hand...We just made it from California home in TWO DAYS! Anything for stamping, scrapbooking and pizza, right! (Hey Jen, I have a stamp waiting for you! Wink, Wink)


AJ said...

OMG!!! DID you say paper!?! Did I ever tell you I have a paper addiction?? and clear stamps too!!
The folks are going to love you!!!

Don't forget....your fabulous DT members will need sneak peeks of the paper!!!! :) we heart paper!!!

Scrapbook Mama said...

HMMM any chance you coming to NYC??? (hey a girl could dream!lol)


LoriRyanDesign said...

I so want to come on Saturday!!!! UGH! I have a baby shower and a thank you dinner for a donation of creating an Icelandic calendar for this year. Do you think they would notice if I wasn't there? Oh my!

Can not wait to sign up for kits and see what is coming next!

Laura said...

Awww MAN. i soooo want to come stamp with you!!!! maybe i can work via internet "side by side" with you :) CLEAR STAMPS ARE COMING!?????? ooooh la la!!!!!

Unity Stamp Company said...

OK, So WHO IS COMING? I have just arrived back from Crafts Direct with a TON OF STUFF to create with! Anyone, Anyone? LOL.

Brooke said...


AJ said...

I can't come this weekend...We have a cub scout banquet, and a bday party at the pool...
Lets pick another weekend!!

Susan said...

Hey Angela - it's a possibility, I just need to talk to Scott to see when he'll be home from his trip. AND I need to figure out what I want to scrap!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

OMGosh! In the future, all I need is a 2 week notice and you can bet I'll be there! Have fun!

kristine bents said...

Shoot Angela! I just read this now and we were in town today too. I could have been dropped off by Nick and left him to do errands with the kiddos and joined you girls! bummer!! hopefully, next time....Kristine

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