CHA Overview....

destination cha 2008. drove - 30 hours.
we arrived. thursday.
friday.cheesecake factory. set up. smooth. simple. easy.
saturday. more set up. fun day. hello to niki. met first design team member.
saturday evening. a.j. arrives - love her immediately. "buca" for dinner. splitcoast cupcake reception. great gals!
sunday. moment of truth. butterflys take flight.
doors open. unity is flooded with people. jaws drop. lights go on. unity system coined "brilliant. fabulous. amazing. perfect" 100% loved. design team members show support. jen i owe you a stamp. scrap-a latte places official first order. thanks so much karla. heather - so sweet & talented. stamping bella - emily gives me advice. much appreciated. craft critique gives the thumbs up.
monday. more arrive to see the buzz. editors & representatives: creative keepsakes - paper crafts - better homes: scrapbooks etc. - - quick & simple - cardmaker - simple scrapbooks - qvc - stampin up - close to my heart - and team members pay me a visit - heidi, love her curls - emily, my inspirational tag line creator - and my girl robyn, i knew i would adore her. people loving our line. splitcoast sweeties pay us a visit. seeing how simple it is. tagged innovative, some exclaim best new product CHA 2008.
tuesday. rush. quiet. rush. quiet. day of orders. value speaks for itself. meet paul & kaisha - tinkering ink. love their energy. representation - great gals. more orders. yippee.
wednesday. show ends. ecstatic with results. orders placed, people met, love this business.
pack up. 30 hours in the car. 2 days. california to arizona. visit with david and kara (wink, wink). arizona to amarillo. amarillo straight through. home to 4 pairs of brown eyes. missed them terribly. life is as i have always dreamed.

good stuff.