Adorable. Just plain Lovely.

Wendy is classy. She showcases her elegant talent in the creations above. From what I have experienced in all of our correspondence, Wendy is very intelligent. She uses that talent to be helpful, to whomever needs a bit of direction. The admiration she has for her family is evident. I am impressed with the dedication she has to both her career and her family. Wendy has been made splendid contributions to the USC design team!
Did you know...1/2 of my design team is going to be at CHA? They will be there with some of the other fabulous companies - helping them showcase their product. I am beyond excited to meet each one face to face. I wish each and everyone could be there. The wonderful thing is there will be more opportunities in the future. We are looking forward to all the people we will be meeting in the next 2 weeks!
Well, my Saturday is ticking away - We have our display all set up...Chris did a beautiful job building it all. I have been putting together all the samples that my DT sent in. I arrange it all together, step back, look - change it, put it together, step back, look....change it again, and the charade goes on. Finally I just needed to STOP! Everything is so stunning - it really will not matter!
We are all packed to allow for last minute challenges - like Super Bowl Sunday. LOL :)
Have a perfect day!