Friday, January 18, 2008

"We'll CHANGE the way you stamp!"

Here it is! Simple, Fantastic, New, PERFECT!

"How does our patented system work?": We will be providing 4 different sized Unity Stamp handles to the stamping industry. EVERY single one of our stamps is 100% usable and will pair perfectly with our handles. Either you will be able to use unmounted stamps on the flip side of our handle (which is made of acrylic) OR you will be able to slide our thin wood mounted Unity Stamps into our handle. (See Above). ANY length will fit the different sized handles labeled a,b,c,d, according to width.

EXAMPLE: If you have 5 Unity Stamps with the following measurements:
  1. 2.5 X 2.5
  2. 2.5 X 3
  3. 2.5 X 5
  4. 2.5 X 5.5
  5. 2.5 X 6

They will all fit into ONE handle! Our UNITY HANDLE size { b } will fit them ALL! 5 Stamps ONE handle! Even BETTER: You can flip our handle over and use our UNMOUNTED stamps on the SAME HANDLE! How exciting is THAT!

If you are all wondering how the wood mounted stamps keep from moving around & fit consistently - that would be due to my very smart husband and intelligent team of engineers that he has worked with for over a year prior to launching this product. The system that makes the handles could be a "Mr. Rogers" episode! Our handles come off a huge machine that was made specifically for the task of keeping everything precise! The glue that binds the wood to the acrylic was designed by engineers out of New York. I won't bore you with the technical side of manufacturing - let's just say it is INTENSE!

The photo's are courtesy of Sony Cybershot 6.5 mega pixels via ANGELA MAGNUSON - professional pictures are being taken and will be showcased in our Catalog. I just couldn't wait to show all of you!

Looking forward to reactions! Pass the word! SHOW THE WORLD! Looking forward to "Changing the way you stamp...."

Sincerely Excited!

Christian & Angela Magnuson

Unity Stamp Company


Raechelle said...

WOW!!! I get it now! Very cool and clever! Brilliant!

Robyn Weatherspoon said...

Whoaaaaa! This looks like something I'm not gonna be able to live without! I can't wait to try this incredibly smart stamping system!! LOVE IT!!

Christi Snow said...

OMG!!! That is absolutely brilliant and so incredibly obvious now that you have designed it. LOL! YES! The perfect system!!! I love it!!! smiles...

AJ said...

AWESOME!!! Thanks for letting us see it!! Looks like fun!! How clever you all are!

Norma Kennedy said...

Looks really really cool and can't wait to give it a try !


Dianna said...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on realizing a dream! I wish you much good fortune with your new company.

Betsy Z

wendy said...

That is just AWESOME!! Wendy

Laura said...

wow angela!!!! i get it now!!!! VERY cool! can't wait to see it in person! :)

jo said...

Looks fab!!! Hope I'll be able to get it in the UK!

Breanne Crawford said...

looks AWESOME!!! love the designs that i can see so far!

mrsmac said...

Seeing the system all together is so exciting!! You are an inspiration for reaching for our dreams! Life IS Good!

The Unity Stamp Co. said...

Thanks everyone! Looking forward to getting it out there! YES! We will be shipping internationally, just need to get the stores from there to see our product! Lots of savings in shipping, that's for sure! LOL Lot's of great reviews coming in and that makes us very, very enthusiastic about the future of this company!

Anonymous said...

What's the benefit of this system using a handle? Does it save space? Better stamp image? Cheaper?

Unity Stamp Company said...

Our system is a universal system for those that use both wood mounted and unmounted stamps. It has two sides. One side is flat and can be used with any and all of your umounted stamps - the other side has an opening in which you can slide in our adorable mounted designs. Never again will you have storage issues for your mounted stamps again! Our red rubber stamps beautiful images as it is deeply etched and made with amazing quality. Thanks for asking, I hope to have more questions!

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