Friday, January 25, 2008

Printing!!!!! & Giggle Grove

Kristine Bents is one of my artists who happens to be multi - talented and branches in to the world of altered art, scrapbooking, stamping, hand drawing - the gal has been blessed with creativity! She has created several sets for Unity. She created Giggle Grove, Night Out!, Ms. Dotty Alphabet, Feathered Friends, All Because...., and School Rock Star! Kristine is genuine and extremely caring. I am so happy to have had her support through this wonderful venture. She created the adorable tin book above and her 3 adorable children grace each page.

Prior to Unity Stamp Company I was working as the Director of Sales at a chain of hotels. My friend Jess (my talented photographer as well) worked in the same small office with me. We shared a printer and so EVERYTIME one of us had a document to print we would yell out PRINTING!!!!! If you were in there with us - I swear to you it was hilarious. That is what came to mind this late afternoon as Cassie and I put the FINAL touch on the Unity Stamp catalog. When the last "i" was dotted and "t" crossed I put my head down on my desk all alone in our shop and quietly said "printing". Thanks Goodness! So I am officially in print, and the WONDERFUL people I am working with will have our adorable catalog in our hands on February 4th, just as we are packing up to hit the road!

Special thanks to Cassie Medema! Through migraines and nit-picking on every tiny detail from "you know who" - she completed a catalog that represents us perfectly!
Off to finish the laundry! Lot's of people are going to be helping out while I am at CHA - and my house needs a little attention before I go considering it looks like a snow globe somebody picked up, shook, and set down again! YIKES!


Christi Snow said...

Oh my word...look at how cute that little book is!!! I love it!!!

And yeehaw on having the catalog done! Take a break and spen a night on you. You deserve a serious bubblebath, candles, and relaxing glass of wine to unwind for a bit! smiles...

Laura said...

Ahhhhhhhhhh. That's me taking a great big deep breath for you, just in case you haven't done that yet!!! Catty done - one more thing to check off your list, and one step closer to CHA!!! :)

AJ said...

Yea! Definitely something to celebrate! What fun adventure lays ahead~And I *LOVE* Kristine's book~it's just super!!! That set looks like a ton of fun also!!

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